GCSE PE Beyond the Classroom

Posted at 11:03 am on 15th November, 2017

As part of Flixton Girls School (FGS) GCSE PE studies our students have to demonstrate a range of skills from physical to theoretical. Ensuring our girls have a thorough skills base for the practical and theoretical parts of the examination process requires our staff to think beyond the classroom and use of our school facilities.

Recently our GCSE students demonstrated their aptitude for learning beyond the classroom by participating in rock climbing at The Climbing Depot, Stretford. The coach supported the girls ensuring key rocking climbing skills were learnt. He was very impressed with their attitude at the sessions.


Mrs Croniken who escorted the students and filmed the skills for the GCSE PE assessments said; ‘I was very impressed with the students’ work ethic and attitude towards the training. When faced with challenges they continued to work hard.’

A more traditional PE sporting activity of athletics also saw the GCSE students go beyond the classroom during an athletics meet at Longford Park. The girls took part in shot put, long jump, and various distance races. They performed with determination and pose under pressure gaining some excellent results.


Miss Callaghan said; ‘I am very proud of all the girls’ efforts, especially the year 11’s who excelled in the field events. This was a very successful meet which will raise the final grades for our GCSE students.’

Additionally our GCSE PE students were invited to attend the National Football Museum in Manchester City Centre to participate in a workshop to help with the girls’ final GCSE PE written examination paper. This paper focuses on the socio-cultural influences in sport. It supported their fundamental understanding of commercialisation, sponsorship and behaviours in sport.

Year 10 students commented;

Ella Fagan; ‘The Football Museum workshop provided us with a great opportunity to learn more about the socio-cultural influences through the teachings of football.’

Liberty Evans; ‘The Football Museum explained how the socio-cultural influences in years gone by and how far these have come over the years.’

GCSE studies are continuing with more outside the classroom learning at Urmston Leisure Centre Trampolining course.