Harry Potter Potions

Posted at 8:59 am on 28th March, 2017

Flixton Girls hosted their annual Harry Potter day once again as part of our Primary Liaison links with our local primary schools.  We were joined by 120 pupils year 5 from Urmston Junior and St Michaels Primary some of whom dressed as characters from the famous Harry Potter novels.  Pupils took part in a range of fun, engaging and challenging activities focused around the Harry Potter theme whilst developing their teamwork and enquiry skills.

 Harry Potter 1.jpg


The focus of the day was to develop skills in English, Maths and Science around the theme of Harry Potter. Pupils took part in creative writing and character descriptions in English, potion creation classes in Science plus stretch and challenge Maths activities focusing on magic squares, ratios and proportion; to produce recipes for making magic potions.  The FGS Year 8 Transition Student Ambassadors supported the event and assisted the visiting pupils.

Harry Potter.jpg 

The day culminated with a Harry Potter quiz where Urmston Juniors were crowned the winning team; each pupil receiving a celebratory well deserved prize.