Herzlich Willkommen Onatti

Posted at 12:06 pm on 28th March, 2017

FGS Year 9/10 German students were given the opportunity to support their studies by experiencing an all-German language performance of ‘Auf Dem Campingplatz’ (On the Campsite).

The production company Onatti brought this original and amusing play to FGS enabling students to review all the key vocabulary they are currently learning, in a clever and entertaining way. The production reinforces all the skills involved in being a successful language learner and encourages audience participation.

Onatti Productions said ‘Only professional foreign actors are sent to perform in schools. All our plays are modern and written especially for students learning a foreign language. Each story is aimed at a modern audience and pitched at the perfect level to compliment language learning.”

Jodie Reavy, Y10 commented; ‘It was great to have the audience involved; this helped with my understanding and pronunciation. The actors were very enthusiastic and delivered the play at a reasonable pace. It was very funny and interesting to watch.’

Abi Bellas, Y10 said ‘Very funny, easy to understand and the actors were very enthusiastic.’

Mr Eager, Head of Languages said ‘It was a fantastic performance ideally suited to our students.  They were able to develop their language skills way beyond the vocabulary used in the classroom and become immersed in the language, using a variety of techniques to comprehend meaning.  I hope to book further performances again in the future.’