In-School Outward Bound Adventures

Posted at 1:52 pm on 18th May, 2021

At Flixton Girls School (FGS) we have extended our outdoor adventures, during these socially distanced times, by again working in conjunction with Outward Bound Trust (OBT). Not being able to offer the usual residential based learning adventures, we brought their instructor into our school environment.

Following all the latest Government guidelines OBT instructors from Ullswater and Aberdovey took to the road and visited FGS students from year 7 and 8, over a four-day period of outdoor interactive activities. Crucial skills based around confidence, self-belief and a development of their own skills are needed by our students now more than ever to help them in this ever-changing world.

We have always believed that learning outside the classroom is a vital part of our students’ education. Therefore, the impact of not being able to take them into different environments as well as living through movement and social distancing restrictions has meant we have been even more determined to provide an alternative adventure.

Outward Bound aims to use real adventures in the natural environment and they are continuing by bringing a bit of Outward Bound to FGS. Sarah, Outward Bound instructor commented, ‘Our in-school adventure programme has further embedded our links with FGS. Seeing the students within their own environment, both school and local area has provided our staff with a greater understanding of challenges, outcomes and future adventures. All the students have been engaged, fully embracing the challenges and really getting stuck in, to achieve the best result for their team. Our staff have enjoyed utilising our equipment and skills in a different learning environment and seeing the impact this has on FGS students.’


By using school grounds, local areas and spaces, Outward Bound aim to get young people to see their local environment differently and create a bridge between their 'home’ and Outward Bound.

Students had a whole day off timetable to work collaboratively, across alternative peer groups enabling new communication and team building skills to be established. Under the guidance of Outward Bound staff, they were tasked with a variety of challenges including band challenge, hook a duck, drainpipe and tile challenge. Equipment and required outcomes were explained, after which students used their organisation, communication and team work skills to achieve their team goal.

Year 7 Ava commented, ‘It has been great to be outside all day. When completing the tasks, the whole team gets a lovely sense of achievement after overcoming a problem and communicating as a group to reach our goal.’

A group of year 8 student’s commented, ‘We are learning social and communications and how to work as a team. The task challenge us to think outside the box and try to work out the best plan of action. We have really enjoyed the activities and the whole day.’


Miss Kelly, History teacher said, ‘I have really enjoyed seeing the quieter girls coming out of their shells, having their voices heard. Learning outside the classroom brings whole new aspect to teacher and learning and bringing Outward Bound into school has opened up a whole new skill set for our girls.’

Mrs Smith, Head of Health and Wellbeing said, 'We are very grateful to Outward Bound for bringing the adventure to us. It has been wonderful watching the students having fun, improving their team work skills and enjoying the outdoors. Connecting with nature and learning outside of the classroom is really important to us at FGS and the smiles have been infectious!'