Kate Green Urges Students to Vote

Posted at 11:33 am on 6th December, 2017

Kate Green visited Flixton Girls School; as part of Parliament Week early this term to encourage our students to register to vote and have their voices heard.

Kate Green visit1.jpg

Although the current voting age is 18, students are able to sign up to the electoral register from the age of 16. The process only takes a few minutes and you need your National Insurance number. Click here to register.

Students enjoyed Kate's visit and really found their voices asking her a variety of questions relating to lowering of the voting age, Brexit, cost of bus travel, how to scrap university fees and how would funds be raised to cover this.

The visit helped to show our girls their voices should be heard; engaging in the world of politics gives them a voice.

Freya Ashcroft said: 'I wasn't previously interested in politics and didn't really understand it, however I am now interested, particularly in the local aspects.'

Read more about Kate's visit in the Messenger Newspaper article by clicking here.

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