Language Learners

Posted at 1:02 pm on 22nd February, 2018

Year 8 students from Flixton Girls School were provided with an opportunity to discover new languages and cultural experiences at Manchester Metropolitan University.

MFL MMU Jan2.jpg   MFL MMU Jan1.jpg

Students and staff visited the University for an afternoon of motivational and aspirational language tasters and cultural activities. The emphasis of the activities was for current language students to be encouraged to continue with their chosen language studies from Key Stage 3 through to GCSE and beyond.

The tasters included languages such as Arabic, Mandarin and cultural experiences including Arabic Dancing and salsa during the Spanish class. All of our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Language Teachers Mr Lewis and Miss Longden said “the event really opened the students’ eyes to the possibility of additional languages and cultures”.

MMU commented: ‘Our research has shown that this event improves uptake at GCSE by 24% and is a hugely popular event.’