Lets' Talk Youth

Posted at 4:12 pm on 2nd December, 2019

Flixton Girls School Year 9 students recently participated in the ‘Let’s Talk Youth Conference’ at Sale Life Centre, run by the Trafford Member of the Youth Parliament. The students are part of the Eco Hero’s club which runs every Monday.

Students had the opportunity to speak to health experts, youth members and attend workshops about the climate, knife crime, sexual health and mental health and wellbeing. FGS students took part in debates about crime in Trafford, youth politics and presented their ideas to over 100 people on stage, including students from 8 other schools and colleges.

Lets Talk Youth conf2.jpg  

Our girls got their creative skills flowing presenting to the room about their new political group and the policies they would incorporate into their manifesto. Some brilliant ideas were put forward with excellent presentation skills.

The entire event was an enriching experience, empowering our students to become more involved in their local community and gain awareness of topics which they or their peers are affected by.

 Lets Talk Youth conf.jpg  Lets Talk Youth conf - Yr9 logo.jpg

Miss Perkin who escorted the students said: ‘It was amazing! I was so impressed by the girls, they worked really hard. I was so pleased to see them being so proactive during workshops and discussions. The whole day was really impressive.’

Students; Ruby, Hannah, Tehyan, Maryam, Sophie, Millie, Abigail and Liberty all really enjoyed the day and all agreed it was a great event which opened their eyes to different experiences and those of their peers.  The students cannot wait to be given this type of opportunity again!