Live Performance!

Posted at 3:33 pm on 3rd March, 2022

GCSE Drama students couldn’t believe their luck!

Not only have they visited the Palace Theatre and experienced their GCSE Drama syllabus as a live, face to face theatrical production, but Ms Carney, Drama Teacher, secured a professionally led theatrical workshop, within days of this trip.

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Students participated in a professionally led workshop, provided by Stage-ed, a company that brings West-End actors into schools to deliver interactive sessions. Their workshop comprised a thorough exploration of characterisation and unpicked the challenges actors face when portraying characters from a variety of age ranges.

Our learners also have access to a resource of filmed footage, including key scenes, with West-End actors from the stage production of Blood Brothers. These scenes are invaluable for examination revision and work around their written exam papers. Learners can analyse and discuss the actors’ performance choices, and consider the social and political context of the text.

Ms Carney said, ‘The return to the theatre has been invaluable to bring the play alive for the students. Throughout lockdown we have accessed recordings of theatre productions but the buzz that everyone felt at The Palace Theatre made the visit even more exciting. During the workshop every student was fully engaged with their group scenes and were able to show detailed exam question analysis.’

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Participating year ten and eleven student comments included:

Amber Rafter, ‘The live performance was really eye opening to be able to see what we have been working on and seeing the script we've been reading come to life. I had a really enjoyable time watching Blood Brothers. The workshop with Michael was amazing to experience. It gave all of us an opportunity to act out with a professional teaching us. Overall, I really loved watching the show and doing the workshop.

Eva Heggs, ‘My experience during our blood brothers workshop was educational, inspirational but most importantly fun. Through studying and performing various scenes we were able to understand Russell’s intention which will support us in our GCSEs’. I personally found performing the duologue between Mickey and Edward at the ages of 14 very helpful.  I was able to visualise how I would write my answer in my GCSE exam. I specifically enjoyed practicing and performing the play scene as it was active and allowed us to use our imaginations. The trip to see Blood Brothers was an incredible experience that I believe has truly benefited my drama GCSE.’

Nicole Dyer, ‘As the last two years have been filled with restrictions and finding a new way of learning; it was nice to get out and finally see the play we have been studying. I'm glad that we had the opportunity to do a Blood Brothers workshop especially straight after seeing the play!’ 

Lauren Quirke, Seeing Blood Brothers live at the theatre was truly an incredible experience and I really enjoyed it. I also loved the workshop and I think Mike did a great job teaching us. My favourite part of the workshop was when we did the scene with Sammy, Linda, Mickey and the gang because everybody took part and were included. I feel now that I understand the play much more now!’

Lily-Rose Sutherland, ‘It was one of the most interactive workshops I've ever done, there was heaps of opportunities to get involved and Michael made sure everyone was engaged. I found the GCSE links really helpful and really liked the show. The trip was a great break from lesson and lots of fun to do with my friends. It was great.’

Grace Earnshaw-White, ‘Seeing Blood Brothers on the stage was definitely very helpful, and beneficial for answering the written questions, on my GCSE exam, with more confidence. The workshop was very helpful as we haven't performed the scripts in a while, due to restrictions. The workshop leader was knowledgeable and help us work through scenes.’