Lockdown Motivation

Posted at 7:05 pm on 18th May, 2020

At Flixton Girls School we pride ourselves on our community spirit which, during these unprecedented times, has really come to the fore. We wish to thank all our students, parents/carers, staff and our local community for their generous donations of materials, their time, efforts and funding.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s support with our fundraising efforts for our PPE equipment, NHS £5/5k challenge and Youth Sport Trust 2.6 challenge. Currently they have generated over £1750 for PPE, over £270 for the NHS and over £70 for the 2.6 challenge.

Particular mention must be given to the Gow family who have raised over £300 for PPE by completing a 10k bike ride. Reverend Huw Thomas of St Michaels’ Church raising over £600 for a morning DJ session, on his drive (all whilst social distancing), local DJ Johnny Spangles’ contribution of £150 from his local roadshow DJ sessions and John Tollitt’s Funeral Services for a £100 donation, following the provision of PPE visors.

Rev Huw DJ.png

Rev Thomas commented: ‘Here at St Michaels we, like others, have been bombarded with 24 hour news. For some of us we've felt quite helpless and wonder what exactly we could do to help. We then heard of the work going on at Flixton Girls School making PPE for local NHS staff who badly needed it. We decided to do an event to raise some money. I decided that I would DJ for those who walked by the house on their daily exercise. I had buckets out that people could shout requests out for songs. We wish to thank the generous local community who supported the event. Keep up the good work and please let us know ways we can help in the future.’

In additional year 7 student Isabelle Holmes has really taken the YST 2.6 challenge to the next level. As a swimmer for the local Flixton Swim Team, from the age of 5, Isobelle decided to use the challenge as a way of keeping up her fitness training, whilst raising funds for the challenge. Luckily for her, her family have been able to assemble a small pool in their backyard with a bungee tether. The tether allows her to go through the motions of swimming, without forward motion.

Isabelle said, ‘I create my own training sessions and challenges which last 26 minutes. Overall I wish to complete at least 26 individual sessions before the end of May. The biggest challenge is usually being in the water for that long as it’s very cold, even wearing a wetsuit.’ Isabelle has a Just Giving page, where you can view her fabulous efforts to date:


Isabelle swim 2.png    Isabell Holme swim.png

We know there been many individual altruistic actions from students, parents/carers and staff including: making PPE, both at school and at home, shopping for friends, neighbours and family, walking pets, household chores, Foodbank collections and deliveries, assisting younger siblings with homeschooling, providing entertainment in the form of video’s, on-line chats and general acts of kindness to those in need.

We hope all of these things show the positive impact of our school community and we appreciate everyone’s support with on-line lessons/learning. This is a step by step process which we aim to reconfigure over the coming days/weeks to ensure the experience is made as easy as possible for all involved. We thank you all for your comments and commitment to FGS and hope we all stay as positive and motivated over the coming weeks. Please stay safe and stay home wherever possible.  

Donations can still be made via ParentPay for all our NHS and 2.6 challenges, until Friday 22nd May, when all challenges and their associated ParentPay donations need to have been completed. Our PPE donations will remain open until we reopen. Thanks for everyone's support.

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