Macmillan Mighty Hike

Posted at 12:04 pm on 14th July, 2021

Supporting your charity of choice is a commendable attribute and one which, as a school, we encourage all students to undertake, in whatever way is appropriate for them. This is emphasised through our learning pathways of emotional, social and moral health. 

Therefore we were delighted to hear about year 10 student Evie Peet and her Mum’s 26 mile Macmillan Hike challenge through the Yorkshire Dales. Their aim, apart from actually completing the hike, was to raise precious funds for the Macmillan Cancer Support, through their Just Giving page. They pledged to raise £500 and have been able to exceed this by currently raising over £600. 

Evie, just fourteen, was motivated to support Macmillan due to how cancer has touched both her own family members and those of her friends. She is fully aware of the effects cancer has on patients, their families and the support provided by Macmillan. Evie commented, ‘ 1 in 2 people in the UK will be told they have cancer in their lifetime with a cancer diagnosis occurring every two minutes. Pre COVID I have volunteered for Macmillan during supermarket bucket collections and enjoyed meeting lots of people, whilst raising much needed funds.’

Evie was inspired to take up the Yorkshire Dales Mighty Hike challenge, after watching her Mum complete the 2019 Mighty Lake District Hike. They both signed up for the 2020 Northumberland hike, but this was cancelled due to the pandemic but they weren’t put off that easily and immediately re-booked for the Yorkshire version.

As if their 26 mile challenge wasn’t enough the weather could have also put a dampener on proceedings with a forecast of rain, thunder and lightning. However they weren’t to be beaten and they set themselves a target time of 10 hours to get to the finish line.

The route provided some spectacular scenery, including rivers, fields and miles of dry stone walls. The pair were able to navigate the endless gates and styles, as well as both flat and more challenging terrain by ensuring they took regular pit stops. Macmillan volunteers welcomed all the participants along the route with smiles and lots of sweet treats. The pit stops provided a welcome break, somewhere to refill their water bottles, apply blister plasters and when the weather took a turn for the worse, add more layers and waterproofs.

Evie explained how she used the mile markers to focus and work towards the next point along the route. ‘Refueling with water and snacks at the pit stops became my own individual markers showing me how far I had come. The most difficult part of the whole hike was the last five miles, two of which included a slow steady climb; this really tested my motivation and energy levels. I powered on ahead, walking sticks in hand, to reach the top of Kinsley Moor, as fast as I possibly could. Sitting at the top I felt euphoric, knowing it was all downhill from here. We could see the finish line and the volunteer Macmillan tents in the distance. We finally crossed the finish line, to rapturous cheers and applause, 10 hours and 23 minutes after setting out. I was finally able to take off my trainers and put my sliders on, something I had been wishing to do all day!’

Evie continued, ‘I couldn't believe it, when the Macmillan team announced I was the youngest hiker. This made me feel even prouder of my achievements. I really didn’t think it was going to be as hard as it was, but me and my Mum did it together and raised a lot of money for this worthwhile charitable organisation, which is close to my heart. Would I do it again…. yes definitely, Northumberland Might Hike here we come!!!


Mrs Trussell Headteacher said, ‘This is an amazing achievement especially as I understand Evie was the youngest hiker amongst 1500! And for Evie to have smashed her fundraising target for Macmillan Cancer Support is just fantastic!’

   evie hike 8.jpg

Sarah Peet, Mum, said, ‘I couldn't be prouder of Evie, her positive outlook on life, compassion and kindness for others and how she challenges herself to do the best she can be every day. She showed determination and strength to get us both across the 26 mile finish line and I can’t thank her enough, as I think I would have given up at mile 19!. Well done Evie, me and your Dad are very proud of you, keep being you!’

We wish Evie, her family and friends all the very best and hope this encourages all learners to dig deep and show courage and determination for yourselves and those less fortunate than you.