Media / Marketing Alumna

Posted at 9:37 am on 22nd November, 2022

When ex-student Lucy Harvey, Unity Radio host/presenter, asked to return and share her skills in radio, podcasting and social media marketing, we jumped at the chance. Lucy’s twelve-week Podcasting enrichment workshop empowers students to use their voices in positive and impactful ways. The programme helps demonstrate that anyone can be a change maker, not just to talk about change but also to take action.

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Lucy’s belief that positivity is infectious stems from her time as a student of FGS. She said, ‘I enjoyed my time at FGS and made some great friendships that I cherish to this day. I cannot believe that one of my favourite teachers, who massively supported me throughout my school days, is still providing support to students here. I enjoy seeing each student’s individuality and how this makes them who they are!’

Under Lucy’s guidance, our students have a safe space to discuss topics that can be seen as more controversial, outside of the classroom curriculum. This allows them to make meaningful content that is relevant to them and their peers. Podcasting goes far beyond just recording to a platform it encourages our students to talk and express themselves, boosting mental health and wellbeing. Freedom of expression is the name of the game, specifically on topics students feel need further discussion. This is just another example of FGS work to inspire our young people to talk about and explore ‘what’ and ‘why’, and question ‘how’, ‘who’, ‘when’, and ‘where’.

During the workshop, the students learn the importance of researching discussion topics in order to differentiate between fact and opinion. They focus on how to undertake good, clear conversations and the whole team collect market research through taking audio recordings of interviews with staff and fellow students. The students then learn the technical process of editing the collected audio and uploading it to various platforms. The aim is for open and non-judgemental conversations to happen, with all creative content standing by our school’s equality and diversity guidelines.

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Lucy commented, ‘I am super happy I followed my passions and they have led me back to where it all began at FGS. As a student, I was a chatterbox, which did not always work in my favour. Since continuing my educational journey in my late 20’s and following my diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), I have learnt to accept myself - I am good enough. I have super powers and I now understand that my passions and sharing my lived journey is how I can help others. My aim is to make change happen, share my skills with others and provide them with the platform to reach for the unimaginable by encouraging students to show their creative flair, whether in front or behind the camera / computer and get involved in meaningful conversation. Media and Production provides a wealth of opportunities for future career prospects. This workshop has welcomed some amazing students who are displaying great teamwork and leadership skills and we are looking forward to hearing about their project ‘What is Feminism?’’

Student comments/quotes:

‘This programme is cool, as we get to debate topics outside of the normal school curriculum.’

‘This allows me to express my opinion in a safe space and also listen to others, without fear of being judged.’

‘The activities as part of this programme help my social skills and allow me to be expressive and interact with my peers and staff outside of our normal environment and lessons.’

‘I would recommend this programme to others; it’s an enjoyable lunchtime enrichment activity.’