Medical History

Posted at 1:04 pm on 10th October, 2018

Over 70 year 10 students and staff visited the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds, to support their GCSE History classroom work by examining medicine through time and specifically surgery during the First World War.

The Thackray Medical Museum opened in 1997 in the old Leeds Union Workhouse building which - opened in 1861, a harsh and unwelcoming home for poor and homeless people with nowhere else to go.

The students and staff experienced a self-guided tour of the museum which provided interactive exhibits, bringing the history of these periods to life. The 1842 Leeds street tour transported our students back in time to an era of dirt, diseases and death. They explored the innovations that have transformed the world of surgery, from the first public operation using a general anaesthetic, to Joseph Lister’s invention of his antiseptic apparatus.

Mr Garcha – History Teacher commented: ‘The museum is a fantastic resources geared directly toward our History GCSE.  The students enjoyed the field-trip and relating it back to their course.’

Thackeray Museum.jpg 

Thackray Education staff posted ‘Great to see @FlixtonGS having fun! Students were excellent and always involved on task with their studies.’

Student Jessica Fox said: ‘The museum is fantastic, life in an industrial city during the 19th century was bought to life and the interactive parts of the museum were great fun!’