Muay Thai English Champion

Posted at 4:42 pm on 10th December, 2019

Year 11 student Ebony Riley has shown fabulous dedication and determination for her chosen sport of “Muay Thai” or Thai boxing.

Ebony followed in her Dad’s footsteps who, as a former British and World champion, has now turned martial arts trainer. She has competed against various opponents regionally, nationally and internationally over the years and her major achievements include:

May 2013 - 27kg Muay Thai Boxing British Champion,

October 2016 - Silver Medalist in The World Championships final against a Dutch opponent,

November 2019 – 47kg Muay Thai Boxing English Champion.

At only fifteen years of age, Ebony became Muay Thai Boxing English Champion (47kg) and following her decision to stop competing, this event has been hailed as her ‘swansong’ victory.

                                       Ebony Autumn 2016.jpg  Ebony 2016.jpg 

Ebony said ‘It was a real push to ensure I was fight ready, upping my training schedule from two to four times per week, eating healthily – especially cutting out sweet treats and completing additional weight training. However, it was all worth the extra effort to achieve my goal! But due a combination of reasons relating to the rules and regulations of this combat sport, as well as this being my GCSE examination year, I have decided to stop competing for the moment.”

                         Ebony Riley 47kg belts1.jpg  Ebony Riley 47kg belt.jpg 

Ebony is a very motivated and engaging student who also enjoys both Contemporary and Street Dance. During her time at FGS she has taken part in many school events such as Sports Awards Evenings, FGS Does Strictly 2019 and House Arts finals, to name but a few.

Mrs Trussell, Head of School commented ‘Wow what a fabulous achievement! Ebony has a great work ethic both in and outside of school and she a very pleasant student who is always happy to contribute fully to school life. Very well done and we wish her all the very best with her GCSE examinations over the coming months”.

Mrs Hazeldine, Headteacher and CEO of the Healthy Learning Trust said ‘We are really proud of Ebony’s latest title as England champion.  Ebony is a talented and well-motivated student and alongside her GCSEs in year 11, she has pioneered the creation of an elite dance team in school in addition to her commitments in Muay Thai. Her latest title is the result of years of hard work and dedication which also earned her the position of Year 11 Talent Ambassador, a brilliant role model.”