National Teach Meet Winner

Posted at 3:08 pm on 17th November, 2016

At Flixton Girls School (FGS) we are a forward facing school and we strongly believe in sharing best practice to support improving students’ outcomes.

As part of this ethos our staff are involved in a variety of national seminars and events which allows them to contribute, share and exchange teaching styles, ideas and aid development of their teaching skills with other like-minded staff.

For physical education an on-line ‘Teach Meet’ has been set up by James Simms and Josh Clayman who are co-founders, see  A Teach Meet is a collection of knowledgeable professionals where every attendee is assumed to have something to give or present during the session. It is a democratised structure without hierarchy except that the host is hosting. Everyone is on the same level and the only resource of status is the ideas. The aims of the teach meet are to share as widely as possible the best ideas in PE those that most potential impact on learning in physical education. Any and all PE teachers from the locality can attend. The aim is that primary, secondary, FE and special education will be represented as widely as possible.

Miss Tedford and Miss Cronikren took part in the national Teach Meet for physical education which was the inaugural initiative but a huge success with over 2000 teachers coming together, both in person and on-line to share practice in the biggest movement of PE teachers ever seen in the UK.


Miss Tedford commented: ‘I attended the event as I wanted to share an idea I had developed when teaching GCSE PE but also to try and ‘Magpie’ a few ideas from other PE professionals.’

The National Final is the culmination of the process of local groups sharing ideas. The best ideas (voted by participants) were streamed online. The Finalists recorded a three minute clip of their idea and the clips amalgamated to provide a 60 minute show. During the show all attendees were able to vote on their favourite idea that has the “most potential impact on learning in PE“.

Following the final vote Miss Tedford was crowned PE Teach Meet National champion 2016 for her idea of storyboards in GCSE PE. Her entry and subsequent blog can be viewed at .

Since her win Miss Tedford and Head teacher Mrs Hazeldine have agreed to host a Teach Meet at FGS in readiness for next year’s competition. This is planned for March and all like-minded professionals can sign up this this and more events at

Congratulations to Miss Tedford and we look forward to more initiatives and blogs in the future.