NW Rhythmic Gymnastics GB Squad

Posted at 1:01 pm on 12th March, 2019

Flixton Girls School year 10 student Tyana Reid has been selected for the NW rhythmic gymnastic GB Junior Squad. This amazing opportunity means she and her teammates will be competing nationally and potentially internationally, with the ultimate goal of competing at the European Championships in Azerbaijan and the World Cup in Spain in the coming months.

Tyana began her artistic gymnastic journey over eight years ago, whilst at primary school. Her enjoyment of rhythmic gymnastics began at George H Carnel Leisure Centre and led to her becoming a member of the City of Manchester Rhythmic Academy (CMRA).

The step up to National and English Championships saw the group of girls learn two routines, one in ribbons and one in clubs, in just two weeks. No mean feat when members of the team are spread across the whole of the UK, making training together a logistical nightmare. However, their achievement of silver in the ribbon and silver overall winner at the English Championships plus second position at the National Group meant the team attended Lilleshall for GB selection auditions. The team were successful and are now on the junior group GB squad and the GB group rhythmic gymnastics pathway.

Tyana said: ‘I used to train four times a week prior to this selection but now train five to six times a week between Manchester and Ribby Hall. This means being organised and ensuring my school work is completed inbetween or whilst traveling. I really enjoy competing and especially when the routine all goes to plan.

My short term goal is to attend the GB squad training camps, with my longer term aim to be successful in representing GB at an international competition.’

 Tyana Reid1.jpg   Tyana Reid troup1.jpg

Tyana Reid Ribbon routine & 1st from left

The whole team is working and training really hard to ensure their once in a lifetime experiences lead to reaching their full potential. This is a self funded sport which means the girls, their parents, family and friends are all supporting them in seeking sponsorship and fundraising. All their efforts help to support additional training costs for the GB camps, clothing, equipment, travel, accommodation and competition fees.

If you wish to support Tyana and her teammates they have a Just Giving crowd funding page which can be found:


Mr and Mrs Reid said: ‘We are all extremely proud of Tyana and her groups achievements. This has been achieved by hours, every week, of hardwork and training, over many years. It takes sacrifice from both the gymnasts and family members to achieve this level of dedication.’

We wish Tyana and her teammates all the very best with their continued training and dedication to their chosen sport. We look forward to hearing about their future competition success.

Tyana Reid troup2.jpg Tyana Reid – second from left