Past Pupils Reunion

Posted at 11:59 am on 2nd May, 2017

On Saturday 1st April Flixton Girls School (FGS) opened it’s doors for the inaugural annual reunion for all ex-students, teachers and governors. The event was a great success with many attendees coming from near and far to walk down memory lane with family and friends.

The corridors were buzzing with nostalgic chatter; ex-students and staff coming together and sharing memories about their experiences of past activities, lessons, teachers, classrooms and trips. Memory books, old photographs, school books and trophies provided talking points which led to more memories being triggered.

Alumni Reunion 2.jpg 

Visitors had free access to the whole school site in which to wander and share past experiences. It was lovely to hear shared stories, laughter and general chit chat about favourite teachers, school trips and various mischief and achievements.

Our annual reunion will be held each year, the week before Easter and we invite all ex-students, teachers and governors to attend. This is a great opportunity to catch up with old school friends/colleagues that you may have not seen for years. Perhaps arrange a get together with the added benefit of a chance to have a good look round the school site and reminisce about how it used to look, feel and sound.

Alumni Reunion.jpg

We aim to provide access for as many of our alumni as possible; to come back into their school and rekindle friendships and memories. The events are open to all who have attended or worked at school since 1933 to present date. Refreshments will be provided by Friends of Flixton for a small charge.

Next year is the schools’ 85th anniversary and we would love your assistance in making this reunion extra special. Perhaps your year group / form are celebrating a specific milestone and we would love to ensure this could take place at the school where it all began.

 Please contact Mrs. Kay Kitchen to discuss any specific arrangements on kkitchen(at)