Phenomenal Podders!

Posted at 11:24 am on 1st March, 2022

Flixton students are phenomenal!

Flixton Girls School (FGS) students and staff couldn’t be prouder to receive recognition of their GCSE Pod achievements. Learners have reached the dizzy heights of over 25,000 pods, which equates to ‘Platinum’ certification, a status that very few schools have reached!

GCSE Pod is a national online educational platform offering unique, audio-visual teaching and learning resources which combine audio narration, text and images. The platform is very accessible for students, covering a wide range of GCSE subjects with all the information filtered by exam board and syllabus. By combining audio narration, text and images, GCSE Pod assists students to recall the information clearly and concisely.  Adequately spaced practice and revision at regular intervals allows the learner to move the information to their long term memory.

Press shot GCSE Pod Ambassadors.JPG

Our GCSE Pod Ambassadors comments included:

Tehyan, ‘I use GCSE Pod because it is short quick information. I can do quizzes, whilst you do other things.’.

Cyrennha, ‘I enjoy the topic specific videos support my lesson work and my increase knowledge.’

Maheen, ‘Information is summarised in short videos which I can watch anywhere any time. Plus, I can do a quiz to test my knowledge.’

Silver, ‘I use it to for revision, the video and image format are perfect with my dyslexia.’

Snigdha, ‘It’s concise, quick and easy to access information, all in one area.’

Amber, ‘Love how the videos are very entertaining and the quizzes highlight which areas I need to revise.’

Throughout years 9 to 11, homework is set through GCSE Pod and relevant Pods are highlighted during lessons. Establishing links between class and independent home learning, strengthens the importance of using all the additional resources available to our learners. It emphasises how what and how they learn can be specific to their learning styles and requirements.

We have found, on average, students who establish high engagement with GCSE Pod can achieve, for each subject, two grades above their predicted target. By students taking charge of their independent learning we believe it provides them with a best practice which can be taken throughout their learning journey from teenager through to young adult and beyond! We recognise the achievements of our ‘GCSE Pod Ambassadors’ who have contributed to the school reaching our ‘Platinum certification’.    

As a school we also run a number of incentive competitions, throughout the year, which help to focus learners on a staggered revision process, these include, ‘Best Form Podder’, inter-form competition and ‘Queen Podder’ of the year!

Mrs Holt said ‘I am so proud that the school has achieved the highest Platinum award from GCSE Pod. This is testament to the commitment from both staff and students throughout the year.’

Mrs Trussell, Headteacher said, ‘WOW, this is great news and a wonderful achievement. I’m really proud of all students who have shown commitment and dedication to their own independent learning. Keep up all the great work everyone!’

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