Pivotal Centre of Excellence

Posted at 11:00 am on 15th November, 2017

Flixton Girls School has worked with Pivotal Education for a number of years now; creating shifts in behaviour improvement throughout the whole school.

Pivotal Education Ltd is a multi-award winning Education Consultancy working in the UK and Internationally. Founded in 2001 Pivotal Education has always been committed to providing exceptional training for teachers and across various institutions.

Dorothy Trussell Head of School has worked with Pivotal Education incorporating positive behaviour management throughout the school and training more staff to ensure the pivotal way is fully embedded within our daily routines here a FGS.

Following Dorothy’s involvement with Pivotal she has been invited to become a Regional Lead Instructor for the Pivotal Curriculum. 

Pivotal Award.JPG 

Dorothy earned this accolade through driving behaviour change across FGS; by training and supporting colleagues, sharing evidence and data around behaviour and advocating for Pivotal Education; welcoming leaders from other schools and explaining the impact of the Pivotal approach.  

In addition FGS has also been designated as a Centre of Excellence in Behaviour; once of only two schools nationally. This shows just how far both Dorothy and FGS have come during the commitment to the Pivotal Curriculum.

Dorothy commented; ‘Having worked with Pivotal Education for the last few years, I have seen the benefits of adopting their consistent routines and kind approach to managing students’ more challenging behaviours. This has achieved very positive outcomes on the atmosphere around our school but also the health and wellbeing of everyone.  We look forward to continuing our partnership and sharing good practice with other schools.’