Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!

Posted at 11:06 am on 14th June, 2022

Flixton Girls students and staff have continued their Platinum Jubilee celebrations with a variety of activities. These included a whole school virtual assembly, jubilee displays, Artisan dining room decorations and themed sweet treats, as well as both a student and staff ‘Bake Off’ competition!

Thanks to Miss Kelly for putting together a celebratory and commemorative platinum jubilee themed presentation assembly for form groups to watch. This historical themed presentation explored how our monarch Queen Elisabeth II came to the throne and her journey from coronation to current day. She is the longest serving monarch of our time, having succeeded to the throne at the age of twenty-five.

During her reign Queen Elizabeth has seen many changes with the expansion of the commonwealth countries from eight to over fifty, all of which she has visited. She has met with over fourteen different Prime Ministers and helped to support each Government in her role as monarch.

After her Diamond Jubilee, The Queen said, ‘She saw her role as guiding this kingdom through the changing times and that change has become a constant and managing it has become a discipline. The Britain she inherited is not the Britain she sees now.’

We hope everyone has been able to enjoy the televised and local community celebrations which have been taking place over the commemorative weekend.

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Staff and students really went to town and produced some delicious sweet treats for the ‘Bake Off’ competitions, which didn’t go to waste as items were sold during Friday break time. All the proceeds go towards our Friends of Flixton fundraising, in support our own 90th year celebrations, which have commenced this term and will run through 2022 and 2023.

Winners announced on the day were:

First place Emily Overland, year 8; joint second place Lena Strube-Gwilym and Eve Kelly, year 7 and third place Grace Ellis, year 7.

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Winners of the staff bake off was Ms J Atkinson, followed closely by Ms B Reaney and trainee Verity.

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