Polish Pursuits

Posted at 4:13 pm on 14th March, 2018

Flixton Girls School over thirty GCSE History and Philosophy students made a very early start from school via Liverpool airport before beginning their Polish adventures.

Upon arrival their tour guide escorted the group to Krakow where a walking tour showed the highlights around the city; including the history of the Ghettos. Many students were surprised to hear how the Polish citizens helped a significant number of Jews escape the horrific living conditions of the Ghettos. They were also shown parts of the original wall of the Ghettos. The wall was shaped like a grave stone, a reminder to all those in the Ghettos that death was inevitable.

Schindlers’ factory was the next point of interest; this enabled the students to bring their classroom lessons to life. Learning more in-depth detail about those saved by Schindlers’ List; many students commented that these fascinating true stories will stay with them for years to come.

Schindler Factory.jpg 

After a welcome overnight rest the students and staff braced themselves for a day of remembrance, reflection and regret; with a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau.  An hour and a half outside of the city, the group had the chance to review what lay ahead. From their classroom studies the students knew this visit would be one least forgotten. Stepping off the coach everyone felt the air grow cooler and the atmosphere change; as they commenced their tour of Auschwitz. The tour provided an insight into the innocent lives of those that spent their last few days in the camp.


The second half of our day provided inspiration as the group met Anita Panek, woman who escaped the Nazis’, fled German occupied Paris, survived in Brazil with nothing, made major contributions to biochemistry and influenced many young scientists worldwide. A role model for all women; work hard and have a positive attitude.

That evening the students wrote poems to reflect on the trip and lessons so far. Many comments included:

Miss O’Halloran: ‘Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it- important history lessons from Auschwitz today’

Miss Johnston tweeted: ‘Always incredibly moving and thought-provoking; cherish what you have.’

Ellie Houston year 11 tweeted: ‘Such an amazing few days in Kraków. An experience I will never forget.’

This trip is always very popular with both students and staff alike; really filling the gap between in and outside of the classroom learning, bringing the history and psychology to life. Providing development to students social, moral, cultural and spiritual awareness.