Politics Project Continues

Posted at 1:52 pm on 12th September, 2022

At Flixton Girls we are actively involved with the ‘The Politics Project’ and believe in the aim to provide every school student in Britain with a chance to speak to a politician during their education journey. The project ensures student receive support about social and political issues and prepares them for engagement with politicians and decision-makers. This unique ‘Explore-Understand-Prepare’ pedagogy ensures young people have the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to engage meaningfully with decision-makers.

Over the last twelve months a variety of student groups, with the assistance of staff, have participated in a one-hour virtual dialogue session called “Digital Dialogues” with a politician. Most of which provided year 8 students access to local Trafford Councillor Cath Hynes, Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Children's Services; in addition to Elsie Whittington from GM Beewell, Anna Wade and Hattie Andrews from the Politics Project.

At Flixton all year 8 students participated in the GM Beewell survey, during the 2021/22 academic year. With the aim to deliver positive change across our communities, the survey asked students, across the borough, questions about their wellbeing.

We were invited to participate in this digital dialogue, through the Politics Project. Students were able to engage with attendees and discuss the Beewell survey and identified areas for improvement. The session provided information about how our local council works and the role the council has in improving the lives of people within our borough of Trafford.

FGS students identified ideas they believe the local council could implement to support a feeling of togetherness and belonging. These included; funding for more peer mentoring training for young people, opening a local youth cafe with access to free activities, improvements to local parks and more parental workshops, including student voice.


The year 8’s presented their commitment for the 2022/23 academic year and how they and the school are keen to implement student-led support groups. These will commence later this month allowing all students a space, where they feel comfortable and are able to raise any concerns. Additionally, through parental workshops offered by FGS, they would like to engage with families and share the outcomes with our senior leadership team later in the year.

The group also committed to empower others and support the schools current offer by sharing with their year group and beyond to ensure our whole school community understands the Health and Wellbeing referral process, led by Miss McGougan and the Big Sibling Programme led by student council President, Selkie Huk.

Mrs Smith said “I have been really impressed with the maturity that the students have shown in discussing the data findings and their ideas. They are genuinely motivated to make improvements and we are sure their ideas will come to fruition throughout this academic year and beyond.”

Cath Hynes commented ‘I was impressed with the range of ideas and realism the students showed.’

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