Primary Who Done It!

Posted at 2:59 pm on 15th November, 2016

Flixton Girls School hosted another successful Primary Science CSI Day with the attendance of 75 Year 5 pupils from Urmston Junior School.  The pupils brought their inquisitive minds to FGS and dressed up as crime scene investigators for the day, to solve the mystery of Mr Seale’s stolen laptop.

Pupils took part in variety of activities throughout the day, including; fingerprint and footprint analysis, chromatography, hair and fibre sample analysis, visiting and sketching the crime scene, and reviewing witness statements.

Working together as a team each group had to solve the mystery and then present their findings in front of all attendees and staff at the end of the day. All the activities were aimed at development of problem solving skills as well as applying scientific skills and techniques that the pupils could utilize throughout their school pathway.

Group Image.jpg

Image: Mia Woodcock, Waqar Ahmed, Mia Doyle, Jessica Bargh, Sumit Limbu, Surejya McKenzie & Mia Beaumont

This event has been lead successfully for the last 3 years by Miss Powell, Leader of Innovation & Progress Learner Services, in conjunction with the Science team. Miss Powell has seen a progression of involvement with our local primary schools and comments: “Our annual CSI day is always extremely popular with our local primary schools.  Pupils work in teams with our Science and Transition Ambassadors and really stretch themselves to complete a range of exciting tasks beyond the primary curriculum they study at school.  It is fantastic to see them so engaged in something different and really getting stuck in, to piece together all of the evidence.  Their energy and enthusiasm is wonderful”.

Mrs. Creelman Science Teacher assisted the groups during the day and said ‘The year 5’s were a credit to their school and eager to solve the mystery.  They were fully engaged throughout the whole day and I was impressed by the quality of the presentations that were produced. Every member of each group took an active role in their presentation which must have been a daunting task for them, standing on the stage and speaking out to a hall full of people. 


The transition ambassadors did FGS proud; getting involved and working really well with the students they were assigned to; encouraging them all to take part and helping to guide them throughout the day.  Many excelled at taking on leadership roles of their groups and spending time with them throughout break and lunchtime.

Urmston Junior School students commented:

"It was a very fun day that taught us many skills that would come in useful in our own Science topics".

"I learned some fantastic skills: chromatography, how to take a fingerprint, making a presentation of our findings to an audience".

"We really benefited from working closely as a team"

"The girls from FGS were fantastic, incredibly friendly and helpful".

Amelia said "I learnt some skills that might even help me in my future career, if I decided to join the police!"