Primary Who Done It!

Posted at 1:27 pm on 31st January, 2019

Flixton Girls School hosted another successful Primary Science CSI Day with the attendance of almost eighty year five pupils from Urmston Primary School.  The pupils brought their inquisitive minds to FGS, and dressed up as crime scene investigators for the day, to solve the mystery of Mr Searle’s stolen laptop.

Pupils took part in variety of activities throughout the day, including; fingerprint and footprint analysis, chromatography, hair and fibre sample analysis, visiting and sketching the crime scene, and reviewing witness statements.


Working together in teams each group had to solve the mystery and then present their findings in front of all attendees and staff at the end of the day. All the activities aimed to develop problem solving skills, as well as applying scientific skills and techniques that the pupils could utilise throughout their school pathway.

IMG_1952.jpg   IMG_1965.jpg 

The teams worked alongside FGS Science and Transition Ambassadors who assisted the pupils with the exciting tasks; which stretched the attendees beyond the primary curriculum they study at school. 

Mr. Green Year 5 teacher said ‘The year 5’s have been fully engaged throughout the whole day, working well in mixed teams in a different environment hasn’t fazed them. This is an event we have participated in numerous times over the years and it’s lovely to see FGS students who previously attended Urmston Primary, now assisting the younger ones.’

The FGS transition ambassadors worked really well with the students they were assigned to, encouraging them all to take part and helping to guide them throughout the day.  Many excelled at taking on leadership roles of their groups and spending time with them throughout the day including break and lunchtime.

Urmston Junior School students commented:

‘This has been a great day and I really enjoyed trying to solve the crime.’

‘Working with the microscopes was brill.’

Mr Dinwoodie, Science Teacher and event coordinator commented: ‘Both the FGS ambassadors and primary pupils were fantastic, it was brilliant to have them there.’