Quad Confidence

Posted at 2:05 pm on 6th June, 2018

Ellie Stott, Flixton Girls School (FGS) year 7 student has taken her first quad biking footsteps at competition level. Ellie has been riding quad bikes locally for two years, but has only recently taken the plunge and entered her first individual competition at Grittingham Motorcross track, Wiltshire.

Inorder to compete Ellie had to apply for a licence through the Auto Cycle Union (ACU), the internationally recognised National Governing Body for motorcycle sport in the British Isles. This ensures Ellie is fully insured and enters the correct class for her age and size of bike.

Elie Stott1.jpg           Ellie Stott FGS.jpg

Ellie competed over a two day period which included a practice round followed by three individual races per day. She partiticpated on behalf of her club Nora MX. Stuart Walker from the club commented: -

Ellie has done brilliantly for her first time in competition. Its great to see the girls competing on an even playing field. There were eight girls out of eighteen comptitors in novice class which is a great ratio and more than any other club. This sport is as safe as any motorsport can be and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Its great to have ellie involved with the club.

Ellie Stott.jpg 

Although Ellie is at the start of her quad bike competition career she really wants to continue and follow in her Dad’s footsteps, who also competes in the sport. She said: ‘I really enjoy building up speed around the track, it makes me feel happy - travelling at 60mph with mud splattering all around me. Having seen competitions previously I’m no fazed by this being a mainly make orientated sport. I hope to, overtime compete in Italy where the majority of the major competitions take place.’

Mr and Mrs Stott (parents) commented – ‘As parents we are happy to support Ellie in any hobby she wishes to do. She’s been showing her potential and passion for the sport and continuing will build her confidence further.’

We wish Ellie every success for future competition.