Rainforest Roadshow

Posted at 12:53 pm on 8th November, 2016

Over 100 primary school students from Woodhouse Primary and Urmston Junior School attended Flixton Girls (FGS) and participated in our Rainforest Roadshow. The event was delivered by Dave Shaw.

Dave and his family have visited and experienced rainforests such as the Amazon , Madagascar and Borneo where they spent time within local communities who are genuine rainforest experts giving them a wealth of experiences and an appreciation of forest life. They in turn share these experiences with audiences by visiting schools to bring tropical rainforests to the life.

Dave Shaw.JPG

Students learnt about life in the rainforest, tribal people and their survival and how their lives are very different compared to the students lives and how we live today. They experienced different flora and fauna found in and around these exotic environments, as well as the types of products they use every day which are derived from rainforest ingredients.

The audience gained cultural awareness of life in the rainforest, as well as developing an understanding of the importance of the rainforest in providing us with an array of resources. Discussions also took place about the current and continuing threats to this precious environment.

This was a hands on roadshow and students had the opportunity to dress up in tribal clothing and also got up close and personal with a tropical snake and giant tarantula.


Andy Greenwood Year 5 Urmston Juniors teacher said ‘We received very positive comments from the children including how much they enjoyed the event, how entertaining and informative it was and how much they enjoyed seeing the live creatures ! It was an excellent and fun conclusion to our own studies of Brazil and the Amazon Rainforests.’