Revision - how you can help!

Posted at 7:57 am on 22nd February, 2017

As you will be aware, we have an on-going commitment to support all pupils and their parents in all areas of school life. As well as encompassing progress, the curriculum, safety, mental health and wellbeing, this support also includes independent study and raising attainment. At FGS we believe that if our students are able to study independently, as well as in the classroom, they will thrive and will be capable of achieving their potential, and beyond.

While this skill of Independent Study is important for all year groups, it is of course crucial for students in Years 10 & 11. We would like to share some techniques with parents so that you are able to support your daughter, especially in the lead-up to exams.

Many areas will be covered, including:
· What does Independent Study look like?
· How to support your daughter to study independently
· Revision Skills
· Memory Techniques
· How to revise
· Linking independent study to raising attainment

We will be talking about how you as parents can help, what we have in place at FGS already, and how we can put additional study support in place when needed.

The event is taking place on Wednesday 1st March, 6-7pm, at school. To reserve your place, simply email Mrs Larkin. 

We are looking forward to seeing as many parents and carers there as possible,