Salters Chemistry Challenge

Posted at 1:34 pm on 20th June, 2017

A group of our talented year 7 Chemistry club students visited the Salters Festival at the Chemistry department of the University of Manchester. Here our girls had the opportunity to participate in the department’s annual Chemistry challenge.

The aim of the event was to promote Chemistry in schools with nineteen different schools from the North West taking part. The event provided valuable awareness of the use of Chemistry in the world around us.

Salters Chemistry Challenge.jpg 

All participants had to work in their teams, with the aid of students and staff from the university and solve the challenges posed. The challenges included a forensic science problem to solve using chromatography and chemical tests. During the afternoon they carried out flame tests followed by use of solutions to generate a rainbow.

The day culminated with all participants watching a chemical flash bang show.

Everyone had a brilliant time at the event and particularly enjoyed the challenges and watching the magical science show, which really explained how certain chemicals can create magical illusions.

Freya Burton said ‘I really enjoy all the science subjects and want to continue my studies over the coming years taking Science in my options.’

Phoebe Riches commented ‘I would really like to explore cryptozoology; to prove the existence of mythical creatures.’

Emilia Pytel and Honey Smith really enjoyed learning about the periodic table and chemical density / colours which they had previously discussed during their Science lessons.

Miss Creelman Science teacher, who escorted the girls to the event, said ‘They were a credit to the school and worked exceptionally well as a team throughout the challenges.’