Saltzburg Skiing

Posted at 4:00 pm on 24th January, 2018

Over 40 FGS students skied into the New Year, departing school for Saltzburg in Austria on the 2nd January 2018, involving a twelve hour journey through Europe.

The coach and ferry crossing took their toll given some extreme weather conditions, but everyone arrived safely following a frenzy of film viewing, a sing along to Frozens’ ‘Let it go’ and a few pit stops.

Hotel.jpg   Scenery.jpg

The Hotel Hutter was a picturesque, quaint, warm and friendly base for their stay. Most mornings saw an early 6.30am start to commence their journey to the slopes. The first day involved being kitted out for ski and safety equipment, before heading for the ski lift - which Mr Coultas particularly enjoyed!

Group1.jpg Group Mr Coultas.jpg

Their days were spent getting to know instructors, working in groups to get the feel of the slopes and putting their skills into practice including snowploughs, improving balance, turns and mastering the “button lift”. The more experienced skiers in the team were able to go it alone and embarked on more adventurous runs.

During the second day the groups experienced the annual Krampus Festival; in folklore, Krampus is a mythical horned figure, who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved!

Black run.jpg 

After a couple of days on the slopes students and staff were able to access a 3 kilometre blue run where their plough turns were really put to the test. Everyone found it tough and tiring with a few tumbles along the way – but the scenery was breath-taking. Thankfully everyone reached the end of the run in one piece and all had an amazing time.

Some of the more experienced in the group had the opportunity to go down the speed track and year 10 Ellie Fagan clocked up 62kmh, wow!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Following the ski trip parents of participating students commented:

Jo Dean, ‘Ellie had an amazing time, thanks to the teachers who made it so enjoyable; she is ready to book for the next trip.’

Hazel Guest, ‘Emily didn’t want to come home; she is also ready to book on the next trip.’

For more detail on the students perspective of the ski trip read their blog at: