Salzburger Skiing

Posted at 3:43 pm on 22nd January, 2020

Over 30 FGS year 9, 10 and 12 students and staff embarked on their Austrian ski adventure. Following a Dover ferry crossing the group met up with last year’s trip drivers Karl and Darren and continued their journey through France, Germany and into Austria.

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The 23-hour journey passed safely with the aid of films (High School Musical and Aladdin), a medley of associated songs on repeat and a stockpile of service station nourishment treats. The group finally arrived at their home for the next six days in Huttau. After meeting their rep Mina everyone was kitted-out in all the appropriate gear, including helmets with fetching green covers.

Following a good night’s rest, our adventurous skiers had early 6.30am start for breakfast followed by their first task of putting on their ski boots. This was more of a challenge, for some, than first thought!

Day 1 girls.jpg 

Upon reaching the nursery slopes our students were split into groups and headed off to practice their skills. All the girls were amazing at recalling past techniques, although the same could not be said for Miss O’Halloran who was a bit rusty with her snow-plough; causing her to career into a barrier and land, unhurt, on her back. This obviously brought a smile or two to everyone’s faces, however it was by no means the last of the slips, crashes and falls - but they were all very resilient and if knocked down, they just got up again. After five hours and in some cases 20 miles of skiing all groups headed back down to their lodgings with sore legs and little red noses!

Day 1a girls learning.jpg Day 1 girls staff.jpg

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Evenings saw the whole group enjoying a well-earned meal and free time consisting of games, songs, laughter and dancing, of sorts!

                Day 3 evening meal 1.jpg Day 4 staff.jpg Day 5 donuts.jpg

Our second skiing day saw everyone make huge gains, with the buzzword of the day being ‘progress’; made extra special by magical mountainous scenes, due to clear skies and an influx of overnight snow.

Day 3 girls group.jpg  Day 2 scenery1.jpg  Day 2 scenery.jpg 

Day three saw most complete a blue run looping around the Austrian mountains. Glorious sunshine, fresh snow and a few falls made for an exhilarating day of skiing in an awe-inspiring setting!

 Day 4 6th formers in gondola.jpg Day 4 gorgeous views.jpg Day 4 girls with a view.jpg

 Day 4 group.jpg

The last day of skiing all groups took part in blue, red and black runs as well as the whole team completing speed trails and slalom courses. Both students and staff zoomed down the track at 50, 53 and 55 km/h – although Alex Groos-Roscoe and Mrs Larkin topped the speed trails podium at 56 km/h, close to 35 mph.

Finishing the last day with a visit to Salzburg and the annual picture under the golden ball before heading off to buy souvenirs from the beautiful shops.

Mrs Larkin, Head of Student Services and trip organiser commented, ‘My favourite moment was seeing my group of girls (Lucy, Alex, Freya, Holly and Erin) plus Miss Tedford, complete a black run with no falls or slips. This is the first time ever an FGS group have achieved this. They were awesome, and I do not mind admitting getting a bit emotional seeing them reach the bottom - they are now such accomplished skiers and I am so proud of them all. I know we have said it repeatedly, but the girls have impressed us daily with their positivity, resilience, determination and kindness to others. They have grown in confidence and their achievements this week have been simply incredible - I feel privileged to have seen their progress - as skiers, as well as individual young people.’

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Miss Tedford tweeted: ‘Thank you @FlixtonGS and @FGS6thForm for a fab week away skiing. Also @ibt_travel (Alex and his team have been fab). For more detail on the ski trip read our blog at:

Student quotes:

‘I've had a great time on the ski trip. I have learnt to ski, how to motivate myself and deal with different situations. Great experience!’ Gracie Beckett Year 10

‘Hard roads always lead to beautiful destinations. Even though skiing is incredibly difficult the beautiful scenery and the sense of achievement is far greater.’ Hollie Grainge Year 13

‘The whole trip has been brilliant. We have laughed, cried, fallen and got back up again but most of all we have embraced every moment and opportunity given to us. We have made new friends and had the best time with our old friends. Some of us are even hoping that we might just get another opportunity to come to Austria and ski again next year (parent purse strings permitting!).’

Mrs Larkin continued, ‘The trip could not have happened without some pretty awesome people helping me. Big thanks go to Alex from IBT who provided the equipment (all top quality) and the instructors (all so encouraging, motivational with the patience of saints). Huge thanks to Karl and Darren from Dovers Coaches who have not only been at our beck and call, but transported us here, there and everywhere and given us advice throughout the trip (whether asked for or not!!). Finally, massive thanks to Miss Tedford, Miss McKenna, and Miss O'Halloran. I can’t even begin to tell you how much they have helped and just made it happen.... not only calming me down when I was worried, but offering constant laughs along the way. They are simply the best. 

This is the third year running the FGS ski trip, and it has definitely been third time lucky. I hope it is now a firm annual fixture on the school calendar, so bring on FGS Ski 2021!’

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