Six Year Commitment

Posted at 3:08 pm on 4th November, 2019

Flixton Girls year 7 student Maisie Hunter has amassed numerous sporting achievements in her chosen discipline of Taekwondo. Maisie has been involved in Taekwondo for the last six years following her introduction to the sport with her cousin and has never looked back.

Originally starting with one session a week, building up her stamina, confidence and more importantly to teach her self-defence. She now trains with Manchester Sport Taekwondo team, based at Urmston Leisure Centre, covering nine hours per week – across three days. Fast forward six years and she has competed and won silver medals in Milan and Barcelona, during the European Championships as well as an array of gold medals and trophies for UK competitions. At the Manchester Spring open Maisie competed against competitors from all over the world. She won gold in patterns and sparring, as well as being awarded Champion of Champions. Most recently, she won double gold at the 2019 autumn open, in Southampton.

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Maisie said: ‘I really love Taekwondo as the discipline and moves are a combination of dance and gymnastic styles. I love to dance but when I found Taekwondo, this became my focus. It helps me to stay fit, well and flexible as well as teaching me confidence in what I can do.’

Maisie is currently studying to earn her red belt, only two exams away from her black belt in this martial art, which for an 11 year old is extremely impressive. This shows her commitment and dedication to her chosen sport that has transferable life skills of self-discipline, self-defence and improved overall confidence.  

Mr and Mrs Hunter are extremely proud of her daughter and commented: ‘We are in complete wonder at what Maisie can do and has achieved in this sport. Maisie is growing into a very mature, polite child and we think a lot of this is due to the discipline, structure, support and love she gets from this sport, her coaches, teammates and family. Maisie is an extremely focused young person and from a very young age, she has wanted to become a primary teacher, with a PE focus. She also hopes to Taekwondo when she is older.’

Although Maisie has not been at Flixton Girls for very long we appreciate her dedication and commitment to her chosen discipline. We are believe she will go far and wish her every success for all her future achievements.

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