Spelling Bee

Posted at 9:41 am on 18th May, 2017

FGS held a ‘Spelling Bee’ competition for all year 7 students. The heats took place during English lessons; whittling down each form to the best two contestant representatives.

The final, held in front of the whole of year 7, saw the students complete spelling and anagram tasks; with links to subjects from all departments. The contestants worked both independently and with the help of their fellow form members, to ensure they answered as many questions correctly as possible.


It was a very close fought final with the lead switching around throughout the competition, until ultimately 7KC were crowned Spelling Bee champions and 7PE coming close runners up.


Miss Holt, Leader of Innovation and Progress and Head of Participate faculty said ‘The whole year group were fantastic throughout the event and really got involved.’

Very well done everyone for their fantastic spelling achievements.