Sporting Achievement

Posted at 2:48 pm on 12th December, 2018

Genevieve has been involved in Taekwondo for the last four years following an after-school activity here at Flixton Girls., run by Mike Greenwood, a qualified Taekwondo specialist.

Training with Manchester Sport Taekwondo team, based at Urmston Leisure Centre, covers a minimum of four nights a week. However, to ensure she can participate at International level competitions Genevieve also commits her time for additional sessions. Overall her level of commitment and dedication to this traditional form of Taekwondo is second to none. The transferable life skills of self-discipline, self-defence and improved overall confidence are visible throughout her whole school experience.

Genevieve has recently competed at a variety of competitions, around the UK and overseas, including Milan - Italy, Portugal and most recently Stuttgart, Germany.

Genevieve1.jpg    Genevieve3.jpg  Genevieve2.jpg

During October at the Trofeo ACSI/Song Moo Kwan d’Italia, in Milan Genevieve won gold in fighting and bronze in pattern technique. Later that month winning gold in both fighting and pattern technique at the Open Taekwondo Championship, in Southampton. Whilst also achieving gold again in the triple team event, being placed fifth individually, during the Open Poomsae in Portugal.

In November Genevieve participated at the 14th Taekwondo England Autumn Open Championships, in Manchester winning gold in Poomsae and silver in Kyrougi. She continues her competitions for this year with the 33rd International Park Cup in Stuttgart, Germany in early December.

Genevieve has currently gained her first KUP black tag red belt from Manchester Sport Taekwondo and has her next belt grading during the first quarter of 2019. Progression through the different belt levels is considered by each academy and involves students demonstrating their commitment, including the number of hours spent training; demonstrating your knowledge of the sport and their overall performances. Students are only permitted to compete if they show dedication, respect and commitment.

Mr and Mrs Galliani are extremely proud of her daughter and commented: ‘As a parent, the most important thing we can give to our children behind love and care, is education. You support them, be with them, let them know you are there, and when you see them succeed a happy suffocating feeling in the back of your throat tells you “they have done it”, and it is so fulfilling that it compensates for all the sacrifice”.