Staying Safe – Physically, Mentally & Virtually

Posted at 12:19 pm on 19th December, 2018

Health and wellbeing definitely does matter and here at Flixton Girls School we actively promote health and wellbeing over a spectrum of disciplines to all our students and staff.

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Our Health & Wellbeing Curriculum this term has seen students receiving ‘Staying Safe’ advice through specially scheduled sessions in a “collapsed timetable” day. These covered topics including on-line safety, body image, stranger danger and risky situations. All year groups took part in year group specific activities and discussions; which allowed for open and honest input.

Our annual Health and Wellbeing Curriculum has seen some excellent feedback from our students. The content of the curriculum consists of our five Healthy Learning Trust pathways: Emotional, academic, nutritional, social and moral, and physical health which aim to provide students with the foundations to leading a happy, healthy and successful life.

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Collapsed timetable days and Fitness Fridays all bring our health and wellbeing curriculum to life, providing beyond the classroom pathways for all our students and staff to access, experience and encourage them to participate in.

The last Fitness Friday this year also had a special Christmas theme, with students wearing a Christmas jumper in addition to their PE Kit – all monetary donations going to ‘Save the Children’. Activities included inter-form netball and our Feelgood 15 sessions – where classes can take a short break, at a convenient point in the lesson to participate in either a run, jog or simply walk for 15. This short break benefits the whole lesson, getting everyone moving and motivated to continue inside the classroom!