Strictly Fever

Posted at 1:45 pm on 7th May, 2019

Staff at  Flixton Girls School really showed their flair for learning in our ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ two night extravaganza. Both students and staff undertook many hours of dedicated rehearsals, beginning in October 2018, and showed huge commitment to learning their routines.

IMG_2441.jpg  Group.png

None of the contestants had any substantial background in dance. In fact, the majority have never danced in a competition context before. Contestants included 2018 champion Mrs Trussell, Ms Tedford, Ms Powell, Mrs Bates, Mrs Ebert, Mrs Flett, Mrs Webb, Miss Mclauchlan, Sixth Former - Ellie Houston, Miss Eccleston and Mr Owen.

Mr Owen - Learning Resource Assistant, event organiser and excellent dancer said: ‘This year, we were able to capitalise on the incredible sell-out success of Strictly in 2018. We recruited our dancers quickly and the competition was off the starting blocks in October. Each and every one of the contestants dedicated themselves to giving up their personal time each week in order to learn their choreography, which we ensured was far more demanding than we were able to deliver last year.

This year, we were able to deliver a professional level dancing show like the school has never seen, setting the standard for years to come. It has been wonderful to see everyone’s development from fledgling dancers into the performers we worked with during the main event. Every single one of them has done themselves, and the school, proud.’

IMG_2444.jpg  IMG_2450.jpg  Miss McLauclan dancing.jpg

At FGS we aim to support Health and Wellbeing for our whole school community. The staff at FGS were given the opportinuty to demonstrate their commitment to learning new skills, whilst also improving both their physical and mental fitness. Maintaining positive health and wellbeing is crucial for leading a happy, healthy and successful life which in turn allows individuals to achieve their full potential. The dedication of those involved embodies the school ethos of ‘Aspiration, Empowerment and Excellence’ and continues to provide model high standards for all our student body.

Thanks must also go to the judging panel Alysha Bates, Mrs Hazeldine, Rian LouiseOwen and Louisa Mason, Mr Gill and our student helpers Sadie Telfor, Isabelle Rose, Reagan and Jess Wallworth, Ellena Wood, Sinead Brooker, Betsy-Anne Wall, Holly Brotherton, Ceira Flood, Ebony Riley, Wednesday Ginty, Mollie Fairlee, Nikita Fagan and Jamie Lea Fagan for their lovely commentary, performances and judging.

The judging really came down to the wire as a dance off was required to determine the overall winner of the coveted glitterball trophy. On night one, Ellie Houston and Ms Tedford showed their true resolve and performed for a second time before the judging panel finally crowned Ellie as the deserving winner! Night two saw a different outcome in the finale, with Ms Tedford tackling the competitive Miss McLauchlan for the title of champion. Congratulations to both Ellie and Ms Tedford for their deserved wins.

Miss Tedford dancing a.jpg  Mrs Flett dancing.jpg Mrs Webb dancing.jpg

The events were a sell out and we thank all those who attended provided feedback on the event:

Ellie Houston tweeted: ‘No way did I actually just win. Thank you to everyone who has helped and a special well done to Ms Tedford for pushing me to the very end. Come along way in 3 weeks.’

Mr Owen @FGS_Library said: ‘Congratulations to our first Strictly champion of 2019, Ellie Houston. A well fought for victory against tough competition. On to round two tonight!’

Parent posts: ‘What a fab evening. Well done to Ellie and everyone involved.’ ‘A great evening of dance, well done to all!’ ‘Lovely to see our very own Alysha flying the flag. Well done, super proud and well done to everyone for putting on a show.’

Mrs Trussell said: ‘Thank you @fgs_library for helping me to achieve my goal of feeling strong, confident and fierce... and for making such a lovely outfit for me! Strictly @FlixtonGS is about so much more than the dancing. Thank you! ‘So... Strictly 2019 @FlixtonGS is over... but the legacy isn’t! What a fantastic bunch of people to share the stage with... both staff and students smashed it... and the support from colleagues, friends and family in the audience gave us such a lift. Thank you!’