Summer School 2022

Posted at 9:01 am on 19th October, 2022

Flixton Girls School (FGS) ran another successful summer school during the August summer break. This is an extension to our transition programme.

In collaboration with our local primary schools, pupils were invited to sign up for inclusion on our programme of activities.  This programme aimed to assist those pupils who were completing their transition to secondary education, joining FGS in September 2022. Attendees benefited from our programme by: 

  • being able to to familiarise themselves with the school site,
  • meeting future teachers, in a more relaxed environment, and
  • having the opportunity to mix with their peers and make new friends

All of the above, enabled a positive and seamless move to secondary education at FGS.

Our summer school provided a mixture of enriching activities including Art, Poetry and Martial Arts together with more academic skills of Numeracy and Science. The theme of this year’s programme was a ‘Celebration of Cultures’ with an emphasis on the continent of Africa.

Key themes developed during the programme included: 

  • confidence building
  • development of presentation and performance skills
  • encouragement of logical thought and problem-solving processes

 Feedback from participants included:

‘Fun and unwinding, it really helped me to adapt to The Flixton Family and make new friends.’

I enjoyed the Martial Arts and the African dressmaking was great fun. I have made some amazing new friends.’

‘Getting to know the site, meeting new teachers and making new friends, as well as meeting old friends was brilliant.’

‘Attending this programme has really put me at ease, for completion of my move from primary to secondary school.’

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