Ullswater Challenges

Posted at 12:30 pm on 7th April, 2022

Over 90 year 8 students were given the opportunity to challenge their abilities during a week long adventure to The Outward Bound Trust UK, Ullswater (Lake District) centre. At FGS we are committed to ensuring that all our students are able to participate in Outward Bound courses throughout their time with us.

We believe that learning outside the classroom is a vital part of our students’ education. The impact of taking our learners into a different environment; encouraging them to work better as a team, build self-confidence and take personal responsibility is outstanding. The difference both at home and in school is often remarkable.

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The five day programme continues to assist the students in acquiring a range of transferable skills that will help them to realise their full potential; achieving personal and team goals around the schools founding principles of ‘Aspiration, Empowerment and Excellence’.

Ms O’Halloran tweeted, ‘Good morning from @OutwardBoundUK. We are at the end of a busy week at the @UllswaterCentre. Thanks to the team for stretching @FlixtonGS beyond their limits.’

Miss Valentine said, ‘My group of students have been just fantastic @UllswaterCentre! Yes, there have been tears of frustration but they’ve got through it together. So great to have such a group of determined students. Showing vulnerability isn’t a failure but a sign of strength for future achievements!’

Mrs Trussell, Headteacher, who visited the groups during their stay commented, ‘Groups reflected on learning experiences so far this week and linking with our Healthy Learning Trust five pathways. They are all doing an amazing job! Parents and carers should be very proud of their resilience and determination. Inspirational student - their team spirit getting them through!’

Upon their return parents provided feedback which included:

‘Thank you to everyone involved in making the trip such a success by challenging our daughters and helping them recognise and develop their abilities.’

‘Thank you so much to all the amazing staff from FGS who have been on the outward bound trip and all the outward bound staff @OutwardBoundUK. My daughter has not stopped talking about the incredible time she has had and how kind and fantastic all the staff were!’


The Ullswater Centre stands in 18 acres of woodland at the heart of Wordsworth country, based on the north shore of the lake. Participants can canoe or kayak on the lake, and enjoy a stay in at a high mountain lodge, as part of an expedition to climb Helvellyn - one of The Lake District's highest peaks.

During their activity packed challenges our students had to face their fears, as well as a variety of weather conditions and join forces to accomplish tasks such as climbing mountain walks, map reading, abseiling, canoeing, tunneling, jetty jump and gorge walks. Everyone strove to overcome their fears whilst making new friends, challenging their skills and awareness of their own and others abilities. The entire group of students and staff had a fantastic time.

The experiences of our students wouldn’t be possible without all our staff leaders and the excellent Outward Bound staff @UllswaterCentre. Thanks for providing such a fantastic opportunity for these young people to become more than they thought they ever could be!

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