Ullswater Experience

Posted at 10:28 am on 14th December, 2016

Over 150 year 7 students attended the Outward Bound Centre at Ullswater in Cumbria for a split week of outside classroom experiences.  We believe that learning outside the classroom is a vital part of a student’s education.  The Outward Bound residential visit is the first step on this learning adventure.

The main purpose for this residential was for the students to have increased awareness of their own skills and abilities and to improve their confidence and self-belief in their own abilities.

Cliff jump.JPG 

All students and staff took part in team building and physical challenges including mountain walking, canoeing, “jog and dip” and other outdoor activities.  All the students attempted every challenge, making the most of their time at the centre and achieving great personal goals.

Mia Webb said: ‘I had a great few days and really enjoyed the whole experience. It allowed me to work as a team with new friends and pushed me out of my comfort zone.’

Georgia Clare commented: ‘Outward Bound was great and I really loved helping to organise and support my team. I am looking forward to attending future courses.

Georgia Clare.JPG 

Ona Raphane was so inspire by her time at Outward Bound that she wrote this short poem to express her experiences:

“When I think of Outward Bound,

I think adventure.

I think of the aqua streams gushing

Through my feet,

I think of the stars

Illuminating the pitch black darkness,

Piercing the sky marking their spot.

I think of gigantic mountains

Reaching for heaven.

I think of the new

Friendships I’ve made

And the one yet to come.

When you think of Outward Bound,

Well that’s a mystery to me –

Why don’t you go there

And see what awaits.”

Miss Hazeldine commented: ‘My group were excellent. They pushed themselves and each other to achieve and overcame many personal challenges with fierce determination. Support from their peers provided the girls with a ‘growth mind-set’ but they also enjoyed great group morale with laughter at every opportunity.’

Mrs Bates, trip organiser said: ‘I firmly believe that ‘learning outside the classroom’ is crucial to a young person’s development, helping them to become independent from parents, to work as part of a team, to develop self-confidence and communication skills. Everyone who took part should be very proud of themselves and what they achieved.’