Velodrome Track Cycling

Posted at 2:24 pm on 22nd November, 2016

Over recent weeks two groups of students took part in an introduction to track cycling at the National Cycling Centre, Manchester velodrome. The centre is the home of British Cycling and Great British Cycling Team.

The participants cycled on ‘fixed wheel’ track bikes; that means no brakes! They learnt techniques including how to cycle up the track embankment, how to stop without brakes and all about taking care with their own and other cyclists’ safety.

The session coach Andy Adkin said ‘The girls were one of the best school groups I have coached.’

The trips were organised by Miss McLoughlin, a keen cyclist and regular velodrome visitor. As an accredited rider she assisted the students in their activities and technical challenges. All the students have shown great determination and provided incredible support for each other. There is even potential for some to pursue track cycling and make it a profession one day.

Miss McLoughlin hopes to continue these enrichment activities to expand and extend our students’ pursuit of excellence through track activities.

Many of the students expressed their appreciation of the experience by commenting:

Emma Bristow said ‘It was exhilarating.’

Emma Bristow.jpg

Diana Silavipour said ‘I’ve found something I’m really good at.’

Jade Gilmore said ‘I’m going to book a session at weekend; I want to do it again.’

Courtney Brown said ‘I absolutely loved it.’

Abi Chesworth said ‘I really enjoyed it.’

Kaitlin Gibbons said ‘It was really hard and scary at first but I LOVED it.’

Ria Murdoch said ‘It was amazing.’