Wellbeing Awarded

Posted at 12:19 pm on 5th June, 2019

Flixton Girls School (FGS), part of the Healthy Learning Trust, has successfully completed the Optimus Education and National Children’s Bureau Wellbeing Award.

Pupil wellbeing at school is quite rightly a major concern for teachers and parents. This whole-school award focuses on ‘impact and outcomes’ for pupils and staff, so schools can demonstrate specific and wider impacts of wellbeing policies and interventions.

The award recognises that as part of the Healthy Learning Trust, FGS has embedded a culture which values the happiness and emotional welfare of all our pupils. The Trust empowers young people to enhance their own lives and the lives of others through a unique education pathway to health, well-being & scholarship.

Both the Department for Education and Ofsted have supported this approach, stressing that promoting good mental health is the responsibility of all members of a school community: its staff and governors, parents and pupils, and partner organisations beyond the school gates.

Wellbeing Award close.jpg 

Anna Feuchtwang, Chief Executive of the National Children’s Bureau said:

‘Children today face new challenges – such as the demands of 24-hour connectivity on social media, cyber-bullying and sexting. They’re also under huge pressure to do well in exams, in the face of an increasingly competitive jobs market.

Time and again research has shown these pressures are resulting in a rising tide of mental health issues amongst the young. But as well as helping those with problems, we need to create a positive climate where wellbeing and happiness can bloom. For schools, this means ensuring that mental health is everyone’s business. We’re so excited that this award will recognise schools who’ve risen to the challenge and are making pupil wellbeing a priority.’

Miss Powell, Assistant Head Teacher/Director of Health & Wellbeing commented:

‘We have been working towards the Wellbeing Award for schools for the past 18 months and are delighted that we were awarded this kite mark in March of this year.  As a team, we have really focused on ensuring that both students and staff enjoy coming to school today, and are able to learn, progress and be safe and healthy.

Not only have we been focusing on physical health, but we have also really placed an emphasis on the 5 health and wellbeing pathways which underpin our vision here at FGS as part of the Healthy Learning Trust.  We strongly believe that having a combination of good academic, emotional, nutritional, physical and social and moral health are the key to a healthy and well-rounded individual who can achieve their full potential.

Achieving the award was a rigorous process and we are excited to build on this further moving forwards.  Thank you to everybody for their hard work and for their commitment to health and wellbeing in school.