School closes for May half term on Friday 24 May 2024 at 2.55pm and gates reopen on Monday 03 June 2024 at 8.15am

It is always great to end the week by sharing a little bit about what we have been up to.

First and foremost, we had a wonderful assembly led by our Vice Principal, Miss O’Halloran. The theme of the assembly was “leadership” reminding students to be a lamp, a ladder or lifeboat for others. You can be a lamp and be the source of light and positivity for someone. You may see yourself as the ladder helping someone to climb or raise them up to be the best version of themselves or you might be a lifeboat that can offer safety and support. I can honestly say I have witnessed lots of our young people being lamps, ladders and lifeboats this week in our wonderful school.

We also warmly welcomed visitors to our fantastic Open Evening that took place on Thursday. It was a delight to see so many families visit our school and meet our exceptional students and staff. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the students who dedicated their time and effort to assist us during the event staying until 8 pm last night. We understand that they might be a little bit tired tonight, but we couldn’t be prouder of how they represented the school and their families. Your support and dedication truly shine through. We’d like to give a special shout-out to Lucy C in Year 11 for her outstanding contribution. Lucy completed an impressive total of four speeches in front of large groups of parents on stage – you were absolutely fabulous!

If you’re curious to see what the evening looked like, please visit our Twitter and Facebook pages. You will find some lovely pictures capturing the spirit and excitement of the evening. You will also find some pictures of our enrichment activities taking place during lunchtime and after school on these platforms giving you regular updates about life at FGS.

Key Reminders 

As per usual I want to share with you some key reminders and updates to keep you all in the loop and each week we may also add in information around safeguarding, mental-health support and other key areas of interest for parents and carer

  • Water Bottle Reminder: For the safety of all our students, please ensure that your child does not bring a glass water bottle to school. Plastic or metal water bottles are safer alternatives.
  • Stay Informed with Arbor: We encourage you to regularly check the Arbor Parent/Carer Portal for important notices, consent forms, details about upcoming trips, and other essential information. Staying informed is key to ensuring we can work in partnership with you.
  • Year 11 Careers Event: Attention, Year 11 Parents/Carers! Please log in to Arbor to grant permission for your child to attend a Careers event scheduled for Wednesday 27th September. Your support in their career development is highly appreciated.
  • Harvest Food Collection: Our Harvest food collection will kick off on Monday, October 2nd. Any donation no matter how big or small will be really appreciated. We will provide students with details on when and where to drop off donations closer to the time.
  • Year 10 GCSE Revision Guides: Parents of Year 10 students studying Geography, History, or RE at GCSE can purchase revision guides through the school via ParentPay. These guides are available for purchase now, and they can be a valuable resource for your child’s academic progress.
  • Equipment Purchases: If you have purchased equipment for your child through the school via ParentPay, rest assured that it will be handed to your child by the relevant department as soon as the items become available.

Safeguarding update

Many of you will have noticed the trend of vaping and it is something that is unfortunately very popular  with school-age children. It’s become shockingly common for those underage to possess these devices in just a few short years. The devices are often brightly coloured, readily available at off-licences, and flavoured with sweet tastes that seem almost designed to appeal to children. It is of paramount importance that our students are well-informed about the potential health risks associated with this concerning trend and although we will cover these topics in our PSHE/RSE curriculum we want to empower parents and carers to be just as well informed too. Action for Children has compiled valuable information on this topic, and we strongly encourage you to take a moment to learn more by following the link below. We hope you find the information useful.

Action for Children – Vaping and Children (link here)

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, September 25th: Information meeting for parents/carers of Year 11 students going on the Germany Trip at 5pm.
  • Wednesday, September 27th: Year 11 – National Apprenticeship Show (Don’t forget to sign your child up on Arbor)
  • Tuesday, October 3rd: Year 11 – School Photographs
  • Thursday, October 12th: Year 7 – Settling-in evening for parents/carers (Stay tuned for more details next week)

For a more comprehensive list of important dates specific to your child’s year group, please visit our calendar links below. We encourage you to mark these dates on your calendar to stay engaged in your child’s school activities.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s education. We look forward to working together to ensure their success and well-being.

Warm regards,

Miss Danielle Tedford

Acting Principal