I am writing this week’s update in reverse starting with our school community uniting for our annual remembrance service. Today marked a poignant moment when, at 11 am, we stood together in a powerful two-minute silence, honouring the courageous men and women who have sacrificed in service, both in the past and present. Warrant Officer Class One Ben Townley graced our assembly, sharing his compelling journey of service. His recent honour with The Royal Victorian Order speaks volumes about his dedication. From service in Iraq and Afghanistan to the poignant act of guarding the Queen’s coffin during her state memorial, his account was moving and a stark reminder of the profound significance of remembrance.

Mr. Townley’s guidance urged us to reflect not just on the past but on current global conflicts that many are affected by. His words resonated deeply, emphasising that the pursuit of peace demands ongoing commitment to empathy, understanding, and diplomacy. The conduct of our community, especially your children, was exceptional today. Their respect during the assemblies spoke volumes about their understanding and appreciation for this significant day. A special acknowledgment goes to Miss L Dixon and Mrs. Saunders for their seamless coordination, making this day of remembrance both moving and flawlessly executed. The Art and DT department for putting together a beautiful display of remembrance. Gratitude is also extended to the students who arrived in their service uniforms, displaying a profound show of respect. Personally, joining cadets at the Cenotaph was a humbling moment of unity and recognition that will stay with us for a long time. Thank you!

What else has been happening this week?

Adventure and Challenge

The week kicked off with an early rise for our spirited Year 10 students—6:30 am on a Monday morning, to be precise! Laden with big bags and even bigger enthusiasm, they set off on their Outward Bound journey to Scotland. From then on, it’s been a whirlwind of thrilling and demanding activities, all met head-on with an unwavering positive attitude and an impressive display of resilience by every single student. Massive thanks are for Miss Holt, Mr. Gill, and Mrs. Tidey, who sacrificed their time and energy to guide and accompany the students on this exhilarating adventure. Their dedication and support have been invaluable in making this incredible experience possible for our students.


Anti-bullying week: Make a noise about bullying.

This week are antibullying ambassadors met with Mrs Foxley to prepare for antibullying week, which commences on the 13th of November. Students were preparing activities for next week and they are ready to make a noise which is this year’s national theme. I just want to remind all parents and carers that students can report any concerns using our website by clicking here remember students can come into school on Monday wearing odd socks which is part of the national bullying raising awareness campaign.

Shall we go to the theatre’.

Hats off to our incredible English team for whisking over 100 students off to the theatre this Wednesday to catch the dazzling performance of Romeo and Juliet. Sure, the traffic jam on our way out of the city centre wasn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser, but we’re crossing our fingers that the students soaked in the experience and found it a valuable addition to their GCSE studies.


“6th Form Open Evening: Welcoming Year 11s to Join Our Community of Achievers!”

Thursday marked our annual 6th Form Open Evening, and a massive thank you goes out to all the parents and carers who joined us to explore our exceptional college and thank you to our staff and Miss McKenna for organising the event. It was a night filled with opportunities: chats with our incredible teachers, insights from current students, and an inspiring talk from our alum, Megan Frain. Her firsthand experience as a student here painted a vivid picture of why our 6th Form is truly exceptional. For those who missed out on Thursday, fret not! Year 11 students, we’ve got you covered. You will be able to swing by the main hall on Monday during form time to scope out the subject areas and have a chat with our team. We are eager to have as many Year 11s join us in Year 12. Our college isn’t just a place of learning; it’s a community of achievers, and we want you to be a part of it.


Reminders and the week ahead

  • Year, 7 parents and carers we are gearing up for a festive start, and our carol service promises to be an amazing way to kick off the season. To ensure your child can participate on the 12th of December, kindly complete the provided form granting permission by clicking here. Make sure to check your email from Miss Cannons for further details shared yesterday.
  • Have you secured your child’s spot on the Tudor Trail after expressing interest? Payments can be made on ParentPay to confirm their place for this exciting event. If you have any queries let us know by emailing
  • The Friends of Flixton are seeking your support. We’re calling on your generosity! Your donations for our Christmas Fair and raffles go directly back into the school, benefiting our students. Click here for more information on what’s needed. Here are the suggested donations per year group:

Suggested donations per year group:

Year 7, 8, 9

Chocolate – all types – bags, boxes, bars or tubs

Year 10, 11, 12 and 13

Biscuits, chutneys, Christmas puddings, Christmas cake, candles, nuts, speciality tea and coffee, alcohol bottles, pamper gift items, unopened and unused gift-sets

Your contributions make a huge difference in making these events successful and benefiting the school and our students. Your support is greatly appreciated!

As I wrap up this week’s communication, I must admit, I’m more than ready for some well-deserved rest (my staff too). It’s been an incredibly busy week, but the cherry on top was the way it ended—everyone coming together, showing tremendous respect and kindness. Wishing you all a peaceful and restful weekend and happy Diwali to our families who will be celebrating this festival of light. We hope it is filled with laughter, love and the brightest of moments with family and friends.

Danielle Tedford – Acting Principal