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Students at FGS have received their GCSE results and have seen vast improvements in several key areas which are to be celebrated. Despite the hurdles posed by recent times and a return to a pre-pandemic grading system, these young individuals have shone brightly, showcasing their dedication and hard work.

We have seen improvements in both our English and Maths results this year with 16% improvements in students achieving standard passes in English and Maths and a huge 36% improvement in students achieving the strong pass in English and Maths. Headline figures show that almost 70% of students gained 5 or more standard passes including English and Maths – An increase of 16% whilst our 5 strong passes including English and Maths saw a huge increase of 33% up on our pre Covid results.

The EBACC qualification has also witnessed a noteworthy surge. Our cohort size expanded, with more students than ever participating in this comprehensive qualification encompassing core subjects like English, Maths, Science, alongside Humanities and Languages. This year, the EBACC strong pass soared by 22%. Languages marked an impressive 75% improvement in the standard grade 4 pass. Geography and History recorded a 15% rise in this category, accompanied by a nearly 10% increase in the grade 5 strong pass – a testament to hard work despite learning disruptions.

Additional achievements embellishing our success story include a remarkable 11% increase in coveted 9-7 grades in English from our last validated results set. Students have also secured the life changing ‘standard pass’ in maths with more students than ever achieving the grade 4 in maths to secure post 16 destinations. Our 4+ in maths has increased by 18% this year building on our 2018/19 results.

These collective accomplishments, underpinned by strong and standard passes, open doors for the majority of our Year 11 cohort to advance to Level 3 courses and higher qualifications, enriching their chosen fields.

Individual student highlights included:

● Maheen Anas with three grade 9s, four grade 8s, one grade 7 and a distinction in Health and Social Care

● Anna Gilbody with two grade 9s, six grade 8s and one grade 7

● Emma Hynes with three grade 9s, four grade 8s and two grade 7s

● Darcy O’Leary with three grade 9s, four grade 8s and two grade 7s

● Eva Heggs with three grade 9s, three grade 8s and two grade 7s

● Jenna Smith with one grade 9, four grade 8s, three grade 7s and a distinction in Health and Social Care

● Sophia Buglione with one grade 9, two grade 8s and four grade 7s

● Daniela Loi with one grade 9, two grade 8s and two grade 7s

 Acting Headteacher Danni Tedford said:

“I am so proud of our students and our staff. To improve so much on pre Covid results, with everything that has happened over the last few years whilst studying and teaching for these examinations, shows the resilience, determination and talent of all our students. And for so many to gain excellent grades, with all the opportunity and open doors that success brings, shows that our students have a bright future ahead of them.”

Miss Tedford is pictured below with Maheen Anas

Darcy O’Leary pictured celebrating her outstanding results.