SUMMER FAIR – Saturday 6th July – 11am – Free Entry – ALL WELCOME

Hello everyone – we have just finished week six of the new term and with four days to go until the half term holidays, we are not slowing down by any means. I am always blown away at the number of opportunities students have on offer for them each year and it makes me really proud that I get to share this with you all in these weekly updates. 

We’re on the home stretch of this seven-week half-term, and I couldn’t be prouder of the energy and dedication our students and staff have shown. It’s natural to feel a mix of excitement and a touch of fatigue, given the hard work everyone has put in. As we look forward to the upcoming week, we’ve got some incredible events on the horizon, including the eagerly awaited House Arts performances and what I imagine will be an entertaining Pyjama Day. It’s an opportunity for our students to revel in the fun and togetherness.

To ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, we kindly request your collaboration. Please remind your child not to wear jewellery to school and to have all the correct uniform items, including their blazers, ready for the coming week.  We all share the desire for our students to have a fantastic time as we approach the break while continuing to be ready, respectful, and safe and upholding the high standards we hold dear. Your support in reinforcing these values at home can make all the difference.

Football highlights 

As a PE teacher I love to share what has been going on in the world of sport and I know I am probably going to get some bad press with this one, but my week started off brilliantly with Arsenal beating City 1-0 in the Premier League (I got a few boos in the staffroom when I mentioned this), but it set the week up perfectly. I am pleased to say that our own football teams have continued with their winning streak with our KS3 and KS4 teams beating Urmston Grammar at home on Thursday.  

Next week we have the Year 7b Netball team travelling to Wellington High School and the Year 7a team to Stretford Grammar – we wish them the best of luck! 

🎨House arts 

We can’t wait for the house arts finals next week and do not worry we will make sure we send you all some images from the event – scroll on the picture to see some reminders of last year’s winners. Who will take away the top prizes this year? A poet, Dancer, Singer, Musician? It is all very exciting!  

Black History Month – ‘Saluting our Sisters’. 

On Monday, our entire school came together for the ‘Big Live Assembly.’ It was heartwarming to witness the echoes of this assembly resonating from every classroom. Looking ahead, we’re excited about our upcoming assemblies next week, which will continue to explore the theme of Black History Month. We really want to create a space where every student feels valued and celebrated. 

I’d like to take a moment to extend my personal thanks to the parents who dedicated their time to meet with Mrs. Croniken and Miss McGougan this week. These discussions revolved around the Halo Code and our uniform policy. Your engagement in these conversations is highly appreciated. 

We are committed to working closely with parents and carers on matters of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. If you’d like to be more involved or if you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email or calling us. We value your input and perspectives. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements, as we’ll soon be sharing dates for a working group focused on our diversity action plans after the half term break. 

Mark your calendars – Finally, some reminders of up-and-coming events and evenings:

  • Thank you to all the Year 7 parents who attended out settling evening – If you were unable to attend do not worry because this afternoon, your daughter will be bringing home the information that was given out, which will include her CATS results and Attendance information. 
  • Year 11 students leave for Germany this week have the best time! The team will try and update parents of when they arrive ASAP and when they are due to arrive back next week. 
  • Year 8 – Immunisations are on Wednesday – we will take good care of the students. 
  • Year 7 photographs – you will receive a code and email next week to let you know how to purchase any pictures. 
  • PJs at the ready for Thursday! If you can make a £1 donation, we will be collecting on the gates 
  • Year 11 students need to start booking appointments for Progress Evening – this taking place the first week back 2nd November.  
  • Year 11 photographs will be available to purchase after half term. 
  • E-safety – the online world is ever changing, and we try and keep up to date as best we can – with this in mind please click the links below that will take you to some useful posters about TikTok and Snapchat. We will look at setting up an E-safety area on our website and share as much useful information with you to help keep you updated too!

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward just sharing lots of lovely pictures from all next week’s amazing events. 


Danielle Tedford | Acting Principal