HLT & FGS Sixth Form

Through our principles of Aspiration, Empowerment and Excellence the Healthy Learning Trust empowers young people to enhance their own lives and the lives of others through our unique partnership with health and well-being providers to deliver a programme across our FIVE PATHWAYS to Health, Well-being and Scholarship:

 Physical.jpg Nutritional.jpg Emotional.jpgAcademic.jpg Social Moral.jpg

...healthy lives, healthy minds, healthy futures...

There will be a special focus on developing career pathways for students into healthcare, tying in with curriculum developments throughout FGS.

The Healthy Learning Trust through the Sixth Form at FGS focuses on these career pathways - including health-related university courses and apprenticeships. 

The specific benefits for students within the Trust are considerable. It is passionate about facilitating social mobility and the opportunities for work experience and mentoring in the health sector are truly unmatched and invaluable.

Preparation for Medical School

Through the HLT, all qualifying students will be able to access the Mediprep range of Medical School Interview and Application preparation programmes. This is an 18 month Medical School application support package for Year 12 students, in association with BPP University,the UK's only university solely dedicated to business and the professions.