Our Founding Principles

At FGS we inspire students to discover their talents and fulfil their potential through our founding principles of aspiration, empowerment and excellence. These principles are at the heart of life at FGS, ensuring that each individual is able to achieve her personal best.


 Aspiration is vital in instilling in each student the desire to be successful in her chosen field and to have high ambition for the future. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff team deliver rich experiences and opportunities that enable each person to find and develop their talents.

We work hard to ensure that they are aware of the opportunities available to them and that they are fully supported to achieve their goals. Our curriculum, together with our wide and varied enrichment programme, introduces our students to many new activities and is underpinned by a commitment to the development of self-confidence, self-worth and a love of learning.


 Empowerment ensures that each student is equipped with the skills and abilities they need in order to achieve success. At FGS we believe that the empowerment of a young person is the key to their future happiness and success, as well as to the future of our community and our society.


Excellence permeates our actions and drives ambition; the unlimited ability to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. Flixton girls are proud of their school and benefit from our deep commitment to traditional standards, courtesy and respect, leading to outstanding achievements and academic success.


At FGS we believe that each student deserves the very best education and has limitless potential. We consider it our duty to help them to discover and fulfil that potential. We are privileged to guide each student as we share with you the most enjoyable, challenging and exciting journey of her life; from child to confident adult.