Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

At FGS we believe that if our students are happy and healthy they will thrive and therefore we are strong advocates of positive health and wellbeing and stress its importance as part of our School ethos.

We are recognised nationally for our work in this field and have been identified as a Youth Sport Trust lead Health and Wellbeing School. We constantly strive to ensure that the opportunities available to our students are engaging and inclusive taking on board the feedback provided by our student voice.

We run whole School initiative such as Fitness Fridays and Health & Wellbeing days to share important health messages to our students and their families alike and work closely with our School restaurant to ensure that we promote sensible food choices.

As a School we also promote the benefit of Mindfulness and have opportunities for students to access extra-curricular provisions for the purposes of relaxation and contemplation.

With that in mind, our principal objectives around Health and Wellbeing are:


  • To instil an appetite for lifelong participation in physical activity.
  • To educate all students to appreciate the importance of taking the time to consider their health and wellbeing.
  • To develop leadership opportunities that empower our students to take control of the innovative solutions provided.

How Parents Can Help


  • Encourage your child to meet the chief medical officer’s recommendations of 60 active minutes per day. This could be quite simply by walking to School.
  • Encourage your child to make sensible food choices and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Clear water bottles should be brought into School each day with your daughter.
  • Regulate the amount of time your child is sat still whilst playing on electronic devices and watching television.
  • Ensure your child is getting enough sleep.
  • Protecting your child’s privacy whilst they are on-line. Click here to be redirected to to find out how.

House System & Form Tutors

All students belong to a house, which is like a family providing support, encouragement and people who know each other well and the house comes together most weeks for an assembly. There are many opportunities to be involved in house activities and competitions, including our annual “House Arts Week” and “School Games Festival”; there are also many chances to win house points which promote pride and a sense of belonging.

Form Tutors

In each house there are forms from each year group. The Form Tutor meets the group every day at registration, knows the girls well and is always available to help if problems arise. The Form Tutor will also see individuals on a regular basis to discuss progress and targets and has the clearest picture of overall progress and academic achievement.

The Form Tutor will, in most cases, be the first point of contact for any parents. Any concerns, problems or particular needs will usually be identified by the Form Tutor, who will liaise closely with senior staff to ensure effective support and help is provided.

Each team of Form Tutors is led by a specialist teacher called a Head of House who is here to oversee support for all parents, carers and students linked with their house. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the Learner Services team if you would like to make contact with a Head of House:

  • Darren Ashurst – Head of Anne Frank House
  • Alexa Collier – Head of Helen Keller House
  • Sharean McGougan – Head of Rosa Parks House


House Competition

We encourage healthy competition between each House to promote active engagement in a range of different activities and themes. We have a number of House competitions throughout the year, that include:

  • Attendance (ongoing throughout the year).
  • House Points (ongoing throughout the year).
  • Form Challenge (ongoing throughout the year).
  • Harvest Collection (October).
  • House Arts Competition (November).
  • Sports Day (June/July).

We also explore other means of engaging students with enrichment activities and often host additional events throughout the year that contribute towards House competition, such as the Bake Off challenge and engagement with Excellence, Friendship and Respect focus week activities.