School closes for May half term on Friday 24 May 2024 at 2.55pm and gates reopen on Monday 03 June 2024 at 8.15am

Our Curriculum

You can find individual curriculums for each subject by year group below;

The curriculum at FGS aims to eradicate inequality by providing all students with knowledge, skills and understanding in a manner designed to empower them to enhance their own lives and the lives of others. The curriculum is ambitious and aims to inspire young people to have a thirst for knowledge, discover their talents and fulfil their potential through our founding principles of aspiration, empowerment and excellence.

We aspire for “Flixton family” students to develop a love of learning and reading, achieve academic success and grow into young people who are resilient, well-rounded individuals prepared for lifelong learning and the challenges beyond school. Whilst providing breadth, depth and reach, our curriculum also prepares students with the knowledge, skills and attributes required to make a positive contribution to society by being informed global citizens with strong cultural capital. It should enable all young people to have the fundamental life skills of literacy, numeracy, cognition, eloquence and digital competence that are the building blocks to maximise outcomes and enable them to follow an inspired career path.

At Flixton Girls School we have a holistic approach to curriculum implementation designed to offer a high quality breadth to learning which optimises the academic, physical and emotional health of our students. We create problem solvers who understand the importance of being healthy and active for life, feel happy, valued and safe and have a clear sense of individual identity.

Our curriculum delivery is supported by the “Standards for Learning” structure which upholds the school’s values:

Blue week

Behaviour for Learning
Recognise achievement
Illuminate talent

Yellow week

Preparation for Learning
Instil confidence and positivity
Maximise ambition

Black week

Promote self-belief
Stretch and challenge

Green week

Support for Learning
Encourage reflection
Value ourselves and each other

Red week

Embody and celebrate diversity
Support and care