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FGS is a 11-16 academy with admission normally taking place at age 11. We also have a sixth form provision working in conjunction with Trafford College. The catchment area for Flixton Girls School is all of the M41 followed by the M32 postcode.

Year 7 Admissions

The over-subscription criteria adopted by Flixton Girls School is:

  • “Looked after” children (as defined in the Education Act 2002 – Admissions).
  • Children of staff at the school in either or both of the following circumstances: a) where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made, and/or b) the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.
  • Children who will have a sibling attending the school at the time of the applicant’s proposed admission. (This includes half/step/adopted/foster sisters and any other children living at the same address as part of the same family unit).
  • Children who live in the catchment area of the school.
  • Children who live nearest to the school, measured in a direct straight line from the front door of the child’s permanent place of residence to the main entrance of the school.

If there are more applicants than can be accommodated at the school in criteria 1-4, places will be offered to those children in each criteria whose place of residence is nearest to the school as defined in criterion 5. This will be measured using property co-ordinates provided through a combination of the Trafford Local Land and Property Gazeteer (BS7666), other Local Authorities and Royal Mail Postal Address Information.


Your Home Address

The criteria used to determine admission refer in every case to the child’s home address. This means the address where the child normally and permanently lives on a full-time basis, not the address of any child-minder or relative. In the case of parents who are separated and where child-care arrangements are shared between the two addresses in the catchment – the average of the distances of the two addresses from the school will be used for the purposes of determining priority for admission.

Where one of the addresses is outside the catchment area the applicant will be regarded as living outside the catchment area and the average of the distances of the two addresses from the school will be used for the purposes of determining priority. You may be required to provide proof of residency. Failure to do so may result in the offer of a place being withdrawn.

We assume that you will always provide us with the correct factual information when you apply for a school place. You should be aware that any school place that has been offered on the basis of false information may be withdrawn and the place may be offered to another child.


Right of Appeal

The parent of any child refused admission to the school will be given the right to appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel in accordance with the requirements of the Education Act 1998.


Waiting Lists

A waiting list for children who have not been offered a place will be kept and ranked according to admission criteria. If requested, parents will be informed of their position on the waiting list.


Further Information

To help guide you through the process and to find out how to apply online for your place at a Secondary School in Trafford, please visit the Trafford Admissions site or contact Trafford Admissions direct via email school.admissions@trafford.gov.uk or telephone 0161 912 5007.community and our society.

In-Year Admissions
Flixton Girls School is an 11-16 independent academy with admission normally taking place at age 11. The catchment area for Flixton Girls School is all of the M41 followed by the M32 postcode.

In-year applications must be made via Trafford Admissions, who will advise us of your application. You can apply here.

If we are able to offer your daughter a place, we will invite parents and your daughter to visit the school and go on a tour of the site. It is important that you and your daughter are happy with what you see. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about how the school functions and collect important literature. Before she starts at Flixton Girls School we will need to establish what work she has done in her current school and the standards she has attained.

Your daughter’s Head of House and Form Tutor will meet with your daughter regularly in the first few weeks, to ensure that any issues or concerns are quickly overcome. If parents have concerns during this settling in period they are encouraged to contact the Head of House.

Year 12 Admissions

To study A levels you will need to achieve a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4-9 including English. If you do not achieve at least a grade 4 in Mathematics you will be required to retake this alongside your A Level studies.

To study Science subjects or Mathematics at A Level you will also be required to meet the criteria below:

• Mathematics – Grade 7 and a strong GCSE profile
• Biology and Chemistry – Grade 6 and a strong GSCE profile
• Psychology – Grade 6 Science or Mathematics
• Art – grade 5 or a portfolio of suitable quality work

Students can download an application form HERE. Please complete and return to the Sixth Form by the application deadline.

Following application, potential students will be interviewed and their application form studied prior to being awarded a place for the following year.

If you have any queries please email the school admin team who will forward your request to the relevant Sixth Form staff – flixtongirls@vantageacademies.co.uk.


If you have been unsuccessful in obtaining a place for your daughter and wish to be placed on our waiting list then please use the rules below:

All Trafford residents will be provided with a link from Trafford Local Authority to accept/decline their place and submit an online waiting list form. Residents who reside out of the Trafford area should contact their Local Authority to submit a waiting list request.

If you wish to exercise your right to appeal for Flixton Girls School please access the Trafford Council Website www.trafford.gov.uk (School Admissions / Related Pages / School Admission Appeals) or contact the Democratic Services Section on Telephone No. 0161 912 4221 to request an Appeal Form.

The 2023 Appeals Timetable can be downloaded by clicking this link.