October Half Term – School is closed from 2.55pm on Thursday 19 October and gates reopen at 8.15am on Monday 30 October



The school provides a rich and diverse curriculum which includes a very wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. We know through the success of our own students and through international research, that young people who engage across this full range do indeed achieve greater success through healthy lifestyle choices and habits and enjoy their school experience. This in turn develops them as more effective learners and citizens and prepares them well for their future and the transition to adulthood.

The objective of enrichment is to:

Widen pupils’ intellectual experiences.
Improve independent learning skills.
‘Light a fire’ within pupils.
Offer them the opportunity to study a variety of options of their choice in something they would not have had a chance to study otherwise.
Provide opportunities to represent school teams and compete against other schools.

The Programme

The programme runs in line with the whole school Passport to Scholarship. The Passport to Scholarship is an award given to students who can evidence significant activities within each of the 5 pathways to health and wellbeing;

Academic Pathway
Physical Pathway
Nutritional Pathway
Social & Moral Pathway
Emotional Pathway

You can download the latest enrichment programme by clicking the link below.